Comic-Con 2019: Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan (Full Interview)

first of all you guys are Comicon oh geez so this is like this is old there's nothing to you right no are you used to it or does it cuz it all haven't been here in years I think the only time we were here was Winter Soldier 2014 13 14 or something like that I was like yeah they can't they can't travel us that much it's like the president in the vice president the CEO and the CEO pit we got to be in two separate places that have a car yeah yeah so will you go over there at all today and walk around a little bit maybe ah doesn't know that was a solid maybe of a solid no look at it and it words of the great poet Lauryn Hill two MCS can't occupy the same space at the same time it's against the laws of physics okay that's not me that's Lauryn Hill Lauryn Hill have you guys dealt with the fallout of endgame you know people were not prepared I mean people were crying in a theatre mm-hmm yeah the world's a mess don't know it's all mess I mean it's a mess in the movie how you dealt with the end of anything it's been great okay we went on a pretty nice vacation yeah okay so far eighths I'm a punk pistol what is that Yuriy number nevermind I better juice Sebastian sorry no system for the merge time cucumber juice yeah always that you getting ready for what if three five five view or urine oh yeah yeah yeah yeah it's happening right now was this yeah I'm on oh I'm on a very extreme die right now it's very got to keep it don't you eat no carbs no Kuni carbs no sugar you need kind of film Oh are we gonna get a Sebastian stand nude scene yes actually whoa I knew it there cuts the people are getting what they want they're certainly trying there are some amazing women in his movie right yeah it's incredible who is this we talked to me man it's loopy that visits nigh that's what I'm screaming hi should come Lapita Penelope Cruz Jessica Chastain Oh Diane Kruger and you to do I'm the guy Edgar Ramirez is in as well now but he you did too yeah I guess I never get roles like this what are you talking about really it's called it's like do a part 2 of 3:10 to Yuma you on 3:55 you understand you're a 5 p.m. there's a train that never comes back ok that's the Train that's great man you got some heavy hitters in there Jessica Chastain yeah no it's pretty fun ellaby crew yeah just I'm just observing and taking it's also done just soaking it all in you do need a role where you can smile more oh I don't know how spin-offs we're here for Disney Plus for you guys right can we talk about those a little bit kid what can you tell us there's a angry guy with one arm and there's a confused guy with wings and they're in a show together yeah we're just gonna try to do our best yeah survive what's the worst that could happen a lot see there you go a lot you know we lost Iron Man we have to make sure we now it's just this this is what you left with it's like you went in to buy a Cadillac and came out with a Buick and a Porsche you know everybody wanted that Tesla but you got a Prius you know what I mean we are the Prius of the Marvel Universe at it that's probably pretty accurate there's some pretty good people coming by the way for the Marvel red carpet not Priuses oh but the Tesla's all right if you test those on it who is that come on you can tell us can't you I don't know we're gonna Angela we might get a get a piece of this Angelina Jolie Oh in the in the Marvel Universe oh you're so sweet they better not kill off Bri Lawson and is there a chance that you guys with me in Black Widow will we see you and maybe you pop up a black widow no think they'd done shoot know I've know in the future I'm pretty sure they'd done shoot done all right one more Oh lot of it a lot of people think that a lot of people is just me me calling me look chances so how to mirror this should be the Riddler I did say that though I love that I used to love that character when I was lucky Sita dock casita yeah yeah our casita oh no that Joker trailer looking pretty good I gotta check it I haven't seen the trailer I gotta check that you know what's looking good the top guns really did you see you saw him yo oh come on man it's Tom Cruise on that little like you know electronic piano kick this don't um did you happen to see the cat's trailer the cat's trailer yeah when you put the music to it mmm yeah that's fair you saw the cat you know in the hood they called me I do it a ramen that's what they call me I'm an old-school cat said I saw cats like 17 so you were you were off for a part of that nah oh no what do you think of the trailer though people scared of black cats okay they say we bad luck I don't know what don't cross my path you know what happened today Tommy I don't know you know what did you see the trail I did uh and your thoughts well I'm sure it's just like when when you saw cats on Broadway did you see cats on my can see cats um so the first 40 seconds you're like oh my god they're like cats and then as soon as the 46 second kick in you're like hmm still cats it's great music great music great music let's go cats know they were on 50th and Broadway forever yeah they were right across from the it's coming back the musical I think schools Mamma Mia is there now Mamma Mia went in for cats here I go


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