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Comfy Award – 2017 Vidya Gaem Awards

T’was Awards Night on 4chan
And all through the stream We looked back at the vidya,
the culture, and memes A good crop we had
on the Switch and the Bone and PS4 had
a few things of its own As gamers, we’re cunning
and smarter than foxes We’ll love what you do
If you can the loot boxes And 4chan, and reddit
and what’s left of GAF could join in this night
for a cringe, and a laugh The next winner’s pleasant
Beloved wide and far It’s the Comfy Award
and the nominees are: A Hat In Time The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hollow Knight Super Mario Odyssey Persona 5 And the winner is… Come, little anon, take a seat on my lap. Today we’ll talk about a game that’s not
crap. A game where you can run, soar and fly,
a game where you can stop, and take a deep sigh. A big old world, with sights to see,
and seeds to collect, anywhere you can be. You’ve got horses and shrines, and dynamic
grass, and a cute little Zelda with a tight little
ass. A game you can play, naked in confinement;
See that mountain? That’s right, you can climb it.

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