Coco Austin Poses Topless With Newborn Chanel Nicole | E! News

nothing you know Maria captures the true spirit of Christmas like Coco posing topless with her baby girl yeah love I mean that with Thomas by the way I'm not eating Coco was sharing their festive photo shoot and she also has a new message for her haters rocking a blinged-out headpiece and posing on top of a Christmas tree made of stilettos this is my first real life doll we're getting a behind-the-scenes look at a photo shoot with a tinea smaadahl ever Coco and ice-t introduced their daughter Chanel just over one week ago and they're already putting her to work the proud mom showed this video of her newborns first photoshoot which includes a topless shot of her as she cradles her baby will that spark some online backlash with other parents commenting that Coco and I steer posting too many pictures of their new bundle of joy she is the youngest person ever on Twitter and has racked up over 170,000 followers on Instagram when baby Chanel Nicole made her debut she set ground rules no haters allowed didn't take long for the haters to surface well with a little help Chanel took to her Twitter page to happily reply the haters have spoken I guess mama and daddy are posting too many pics of me lol I love it Coco and says she's not exploiting her daughter simply writing I'm proud that I'm finally a mama and the little ones not afraid to call it a day mama no more pics please want to take a nap that last one's so cute they're all cute but I like that adorable alright Chanel's mom's got one more selfie this time she instead an impressive before and after shot okay you go girl the left by the way is Coco at 36 weeks pregnant the right is honestly one week after giving birth that's not normal it can't be normal right you've had a baby so you know about a couple not know but everybody's different everybody to processo this is charity Coco so she only gained 13 pounds of baby weight and credits her diet for staying healthy so Couture absolutely


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