Coastal Revival – Episode 2 – Banning The Trophy Hunt

I'm Alaska down to California is always is one rule never shoot what you're not going to eat never take more than you need it's the most frowned upon thing you can do on this Coast especially coming into kitty suit k K's territory bear viewing wasn't a word when I began in the eco tourism business and nature-based tourism covered a lot of different things and you were always really happy to see a bear as the Bears became a bigger part of the operations of the early eco tourism operators on the coast it became more and more popular and it became people became more and more aware of what a really profound life-changing experience this was and so as people switched and started marketing towards it the tour's became more focused to the point now where you have First Nations communities who have built entire tourism operations based on the opportunity to see bears we are in clamp to British Columbia otherwise known as kitty suitcase located on the Central Coast first Columbia the kid ECU quejes do not support trophy hunting we actually banned trophy hunting in 2012 the provincial government continues to issues tags for people of the world the chemistry bears up here and for us bears are very important they're both important culturally they're important for the economy we just didn't want to see these extractive industries anymore you know we seem with forestry is done in other areas we've seen areas logged out and we didn't want that we live in the largest intact temperate rainforest on the planet and for us we wanted to keep it like that I mean that's her home that's for all of our cultural sites are over ecological sites so we want to make sure to keep these areas and tagged I think doing tourism allows us to keep those areas intact you can still generate revenue and income employ people in the community without extracting anything spirit barrier Lodge is a tourism Lodge that my community has built back in two thousand seven we built it when we first started we had a small float house that we can fit six people in so we really want to slowly start expanding the lodge now we can accommodate 24 people and we basically could run for about six months out of the year so we appeal from all over the world that come to the Great Bear Rainforest to come and do bears whether that's crazy various placards be Rivera's whales so that's really allowed us to really key and then protect certain areas and protect the tourism values in those areas guests are coming to us as part of package tours and really the draw is primarily the Bears and the culture welcome to the chaos ook a cave big house all these stories have to do with respect respecting animals respecting yourself and respecting everything people are drawn to this sort of marque animal the spirit bear which is only found in this part of the world one of the rarest animals on the planet they're potentially is less than 200 of these annum left and so that's primarily what's drawing people who just love wildlife and love bears there's nowhere else they can come to see the spirit bear and experience the First Nations culture then here on the central coast of BC our guides are well trained that we do carry bear spray but we've never had to use it we've never had any kind of negative encounter with these animals and and that's primarily because we we take great pains to be very consistent and go to the same places day in and day out at the same times and so the Bears really treat us as part of the scenery so they're not interested in us the firmware shouldn't in catching a salmon we have a lot of stories what bears and bears have the ability to become human if they take out their fur and we always thought stories of respect and that's ingrained in all of our stories is hiring respect for nature having respect for wildlife having respect for people and the fact that people come up and just shoot a bear for sports is absolutely disgusting so we bound it in 2012 and we're going to enforce that band so if we see someone in the territory trying to hunt bears will go up and educate them well let them know that is found in KDC hayes territory we developed a program that's called the watchman program and we basically get out there that's men and women from our community that I should get out there and monitor and patrol our whole territory this used to be a hunting area and you know we're so remote that anybody could come up here and nobody would know it really if nobody was up here we have to be up here to be the eyes and ears of the nation the trophy hunt is on it was effective since the cover tent but Isis coastal Guardian Watchmen come up here and ensure that nobody's coming in here to hunt bears we're also the friendly nation to so we come up to mingle with people the types you guys get out this way about seven-thirty what time we got there everybody else like bears we're doing some talking to one another playing and fighting and fighting a little bit and yeah while we're protecting and monitoring the area we enforce rules yes but we don't want to push people out we want people to experience what we have up here but we also want to help preserve it and keep it the way it is when we started up the whole concept of tourism back in 3000 it was actually a lot of debatable our tourism operation whether we should do it some people so am i selling my culture we can have all the people coming to her community and bio the band store and buy it all the fuel in the community so it was a lot on the ones but one of the elders caught up in she spoke and she said if you're gonna do tourism make sure that the youth are involved make sure that they learn their stories make sure they learn their the territory and hopes that they can learn it and pass it on but also it was really important that other people that are coming into a community might learn about the culture learnable the territories in about these bears and maybe they'll help educate people around the world about some of these issues as well there is currently a shift on the coast and first nations are exercising their Aboriginal rights they're asserting their right to manage and maintain these areas and so we respect and understand that Raincoast goal is to purchase all the commercial hunting tenures within the Great Bear Rainforest we will need to raise considerably more money to buy the remaining territories there are a couple of very large territories that are very valuable that we'll need to buy my hope is very simple that within the next couple of years there's a complete end to trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest

  • The area is so remote – that is, far removed from human civilization (but for first nations) – that the only way in is by air (or long boat ride), yet the BC Liberal Government thinks and believes that the animals in this area – and others like it – need to be "managed" for population control….that is, killed, slaughtered for fun, for "sport" by trophy hunters.

  • This is an awesome story and should be an example of how we can peacefully enjoy nature instead of destroying it.

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