Coaching via whatsapp, helps UWC athlete bag medal at World Student Games

welcome to e w in the country we catch up with your favorite spirits on and off the field now the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is creeping closer and closer now we just wrapped up the world student games in Nephi so you got a good indication of the talent out there in the world athletics challenge and one of them sitting right yeah Ashley Smith's bronze medalist in the steeplechase 3 doesn't meet the steeplechase welcome thank you for having us or think you'll be with us thank you for having me it's fabulous to have you look at that middle how does that feel to have that on your neck didn't come as a surprise um my coach and I and we expected it because you approached the season with object of of winning all students so we went into the race being prepared physically but the only challenge was mentally because prior to all students and most about ten days of training what I picked up flew on when I was in Sweden okay you're a human okay so there was a lot of uncertainty before world students so the only challenge for me was basically a mental battle so are you happy with that great place though not not actually you can never be complacent with a third place cause you know we live in a competitive world and people only get remembered if they win okay but it's good it's a good start it's your first international medal you know so your first European season so how was it as a whole the in the European season was all about gaining the experience and preparing me for all students but was the main main objective of the European season was to see what needs to be worked on for 2020 because 2020 is a PPR and we opened to qualify for Olympics because qualifying is in a range so we just tried working on a few things and trying to figure out what needs to be done for next year because your language is about in your way we have selectra away so we just trying to figure out a peaking face because I don't want to go to a lumpy can't just be there I want to be this and make a name for myself okay interesting time so the 3000 meter steeplechase evades that's your earring yes so it's basically long-distance running with obstacles yep so in the normal running become too normal for you when I was a young guy always I was fascinated by huggles but unfortunately you know not all of us are placed with the speed so when I came to under 17 that's where we get introduced to steeplechase 2000 meter steeplechase and then I guess ever since then I decided okay this is what I'll be doing so what are some of the technical stuff to becoming a steeple or a satellite athlete as they call you hey what are some of the technicalities I mean it's not just running and jumping I mean there's some technique and role my coach believe you don't Jam the little you handed so with the spirit we're running there's a way that you just like jump it just to be more economical or the moment you jump it is that when you use energy et cetera so I just try my pace I don't care how untidy my technique is but if it feels economical I'll do it there we go so he's speaking of your coach Rubin aroma Larry winning that middle it has that what is that done for your relationship like I said we approaches you with objective of winning yeah so he wasn't ready it wasn't work like because you know my coach days up in terms of his watch every relationship God 3:19 what's up coaches so I don't see much alike I only saw him twice but with is a daily feedback between us what did he say he was happy with the progress progress we made the last eight months because we didn't expect to make such progress as soon as we did okay and coaches Rubin philosophy of training work for me and what is that philosophy according to him we first listen how I feel I finally have to be feedback and then in being the god-fearing person easy will consult with God and then we will get back to me and telling me what I need to do the next day for training or what they need to do for the following few days it's a nice relationship it's working it's been a very good year yeah better than what we expected we only missed one middle which was sa chance which was internal mister but further on very consistent one eight out of ten races in the local season won my first race in Europe and obviously finished third at what student so it'd be no Kuni oh that's a good looks good on the CV leading up to 2020 yes okay so coming back to where you are now in your life you drew up in Mitchell's play yep growing up it's a tough area to grow up in and challenges how did that help shape you as an athlete I believe everything we go through is there to prepare you for the bigger picture in life but me I don't see Mrs Payne as a problem you know because if you crab they it becomes a room and I'm not someone that likes to focus on the negative because I ever say Thomas Kurata so people usually they they always talking paint about the place so that if you continue to talk bad about the place is going to stay back but me I see it I I just want people to focus on the positive like there's lots of positive opinions I just like funny plying yeah yeah I just so don't know your social media hashtag funny play we're gonna make sure it's now before we before we go a pedal game could just be honest but before that I need to know so we're looking into social media we can get the nickname blocky okay like when I was younger like in my area they call me Cooper which you know a new Yahoo Yahoo P gate and then when I got to high school we stayed on on on hostel so ok those guys usually oh my friends ended it me and then mine ended up being blocky and then ever since that it stayed like that um I decided to make with my social media names oh yeah Oh lookey okay it's actual savvy people you blue key yeah I don't mind lot of people guys are fabulous okay got it bro key okay just be honest you only allowed to answer me with yes or no answers are art okay is it true your family made run Ashley run t-shirts no is it true you are competing in a secret mustache growing competition because I see you had a mo but it's gone now yes competition idolizes versus growing is a tiny thing but unfortunately you might be it took too long it two months worth of growing it wasn't progressive okay Loki is out guys okay do you think you WC kid when the boss eat cupcakes they're not Nick's here but most probably two years okay it's good a nice future looking to the future K is it true that you have a life-size poster or virtual Yankees in your room nope if you want to it are you the prankster guys Oh although UWC guys are the total guy talk you guys okay so as you w see you watch out for when you on to that all right as me thank you so much for joining us on the couch we look forward to improving your time qualifying and then doing what Olympics as well thank you for having me Ashley Smith or blocky as we know him now go follow him follow his journey we cannot wait to see what he does in the next yeah thanks for joining us on the couch

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