CNN Host Cries Oscar-Worthy Tears of Rage over Trump Tweet

  • i live in San Francisco and it is a shit hole like any other Demo Rat run city.Sorry but it is true anything Demo Rats touch turns too shit

  • infest:


    past tense: infested; past participle: infested; adjective: -infested

    (of insects or animals) be present (in a place or site) in large numbers, typically so as to cause damage or disease. [" CNN is infested with whiney-ass, soy-boy cockroaches"]

    synonyms: overrun, spread through, take over, overspread, swarm over, crawl over, run riot over; invade, penetrate, infiltrate, pervade, permeate, inundate, overwhelm; beset, pester, plague
    ["a plague of leftist-fascist infested the Democratic Party"]

    Hmmmm…I think the President is spot on with his vocabulary.

  • He stayed there as a child when he did not have a choice but left as soon as he was able to choose to leave. Give it a break.

  • I love how crystal clear you are with us, that why i continue to come back even if our opinions may differ.

  • The Left are so Trump deranged, they’d literally carry on living in shit holes just to spite his comments.

  • don't worry you don't sound self-righteous you fucking pussy Blaine Elijah because your area is a shithole infested with rats that's your fault you keep electing corrupt Democrats, it also means undesirable or Troublesome to fucking cry baby

  • So ah,
    Any chance of digging up a hospital admission record, one that might describe just How Many Stitches That Tongue
    Needed after that MASSIVE Chewing session..?

  • Racism, racism, we're over these tards and their racist card.
    Far as I'm concerned.
    Their racist 💳 has expired.

  • Trump is NOT wrong AT ALL. Baltimore is disgusting and filled with crime, it’s just a fucking fact. Every Baltimore mayor has been caught cheating the system to benefit themselves. The city is a disgrace. Good luck being white and coming out alive. This dude is a cuck. Hahaha take your crocodile tears and shove em up their ass

  • "Infested" this guy is completely ignoring the word before the word "infested". Baltimore is literally infested with rats and is one of the murder capital city's in our country. Cummings has represented Baltimore since 1996 and hasn't done or gotten anything done for his city. Last winter at least 13 public schools didn't have heat, 9 out of 10 young black American males can't read at grade level. But he spent Baltimores money on busses plus other expenses to send high school kids to DC to protest.

  • "Infestation is about black and brown people" ….. He just totally made that up and then started crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Trump just spoke the truth, not one word about race. He pointed out shithole politicians and shithole cities.

  • You know my knew told me they don't even say the pledge anymore in school. He is pretty young but I find it odd that even he asked why they stopped saying it.

  • Wth this enemy combatants working for the fake news are the only haters I see. Can't wait to see then on the gitmo channel

  • I should go around crying about how my legacy is to drowi in an infested muddied up gene pool 🐊😢

  • 1. It’s funny how the liberal media lets it slide when people within our very government talk shit about America and the president, but god forbid anyone retaliates with some shit-talking of their own.
    2. When a grown man reacts this way to mere words spoken by another man he should be officially nationally recognized with the title of “FRAGILE LITTLE BITCH.”
    3. Despite Victor Blackwell’s tearful performance he obviously agrees with the president since he says he “did” live in that district, as in past tense, as in he obviously moved out of that shitty neighborhood when he was able to.
    3. Representative Elijah Cummings’ district is garbage to say the least. Therefore, he has no room to be talking shit when the border is doing better than his filthy rat and rodent infested district.

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