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Clive Davis Annual pre-Grammy Gala Honoring David Geffan – 2011 GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Tatiana Diana here for Young Hollywood and Turbo Tax continuing on our Grammy guide at the Clive Davis gala honoring David Geffen. Who’s your dream collaboration if you could have anybody?
John Lennon, but I’m out of luck. Who are you routing for in the Grammys? It’s a tough year but I just hope that The Black Eyed
Peas win a couple. There having a good year and You know, it’s just been a good year in music and
I’m happy to be involved any way I can be. I’m routing for Drake, Eminem If you got a crazy tax return because it’s tax
time, what would you do with the money? I would put it to tuition for my kids college fund. I’m really routing for in the Grammys whatever Ryan Tedder if Ryan Tedder is doing anything, I’m routing for him. If he’s got signs u[p for awards he’s the one that should win. Hello. It’s all about Ryan Tedder. Who’s going to win American Idol? What city? Ryan Tedder is gonna win. He lives right now in Denver Colorado. He calls me often, but not enough. He’s gonna win American Idol. Somehow that’s gonna happen. I
swear to God. I promise it’s gonna happen. Oh, I want Eminem to win everything. Any collaborations with Eminem in the future? I would love it. I don’t think he’d
do it with an opera singer though. I think he would. Thank you. We could call it ropera. I’m routing for like B.o.B., Bruno Mars C Lo and Monica even. So many people have had an incredible year Anybody you’re looking forward to seeing perform? I know C Lo’s performing, Eminem, Dr Dre, everyone. It’s going to be a good night of performances. I’m excited to see what Little Biebs pulls out of his pocket. You have the fever? I do.You have the fever, so do I. I definitely have the Bieber fever. I’m routing for Drake, Everyone seems to be routing for Drake. Why is that? He’s amazing? He’s my panther rush. What’s a song you just can’t get out of your head right now? Baby, cause my seven year old sings it all the time. I see you still have your beautiful Grammy Globe from the facial. We’re checking in with Grammy nominee Faith Evans to find out
the secret to looking good on the red carpet. I do and it’s extra bumped up now with a little bronzer. I am looking forward to Dre and Eminem performing. I keep hearing people saying that. You know Dre makes
an album like every ten years or so. Big fan? Yeah so it’s happy. I think It’ll be a great occasion to see them on stage. So we meet again. First of all we were in the studio with you. Alright guys we’re hanging out with David Guetta at Capitol Records. You went from DJ for decades to being a number one world-renowned producer. How does that feel? What song can’t you
get out of your head right now? Well the new song that we made yesterday night. What’s it called? Well they don’t have names yet. [laughter] What’s up y’all? It’s Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas. Thank you for hangin’ on Young Hollywood. Check me out on my twitter.tabbp that’s @tabbp. Young Hollywood

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