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Clive Davis and Jennifer Hudson (Past Nominee) Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey guys Tatiana Diana here with Young Hollywood and Turbo
Tax with your ultimate guide to the Grammys. We’re gonna catch up with one of musics
legends and one of his favorite artists. While the world prepares for the Grammys we’re preparing for something else. I’ve showcased the best of contemporary music. It has grown to be this incredible world wide focus. I love it because I can choose those people from music and TV and film you know, to get in that room with the shared passion for music. To see artists perform on a stage that they’ve never seen perform. so it’s always unique. This guest list is dazzling. Speaking of dazzling, Jennifer is one of the performers. I got to hear her. I must say I had the chills when you were singing. Your voice is just amazing. How does it
feel to be part of this event? It’s so exciting and it’s always a honor
and the whole night is like magical. Then to be around other people like myself that just simply love music and we can all sit and celebrate it together. What was it like when you first met Clive? You know it’s kind of fresh in my mind because every
time I see him it feels like the first time. It was so impactful that I just said I’ve got to meet her. I’ve got to work with her. We actually teamed up with Turbo Tax to
be our official guide to the Grammys. Who’s guided you in your career? Support from everywhere. It’s been overwhelming, unbelievable and amazing. From the fans to Clive To my assistant and best friend from grammar school, you know. It’s just like everyone. If there was one person you could perform with at the Grammys, cause you’re going to have many performances
in your future, who’s it going to be? I’d say Prince. A Prince fan? Yeah, I’m a huge Prince fan. Well let’s make it happen Clive. well I’m
gonna call him. Make it happen. [laughter]


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