Clips- Nearer To Him: Clip 09- Hold On a Second – Oscar Sande

the part that people say how can you give thanks to the Lord when your wife has been when you have lost your wife as a hold on a second I haven't lost anybody no no you loved your wife has died hold on a second my wife has a knife and I haven't lost her she's sleeping and I the only way now that I've got to lose her is if I lose my own salvation because she is safe and she has been found by Jesus Christ I know where she is she's exactly 40 kilometres from my home he hasn't gone anywhere she's safe you know that my wife is not going to cheat on me you know what that peace gives me my wife as beautiful as she was she's not going to cheat on me she is she'll say what that the Lord what does the lower one when I ask law what is you will but he answered me thank me thank you Lord yes because I'm better than Fisher I'm better than Fisher if I have allowed these Oscar thank me Father I want to do your will you want to do my will yes you you

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