Clips- Nearer To Him: Clip 07- Our Comfort – Oscar Sande

I've got a quote in my Bible has always been Whitman with me this quote comes from a book called mount of blessings also found in a an another book called ministry of healing and he says the following the father's presence encircled Christ and nothing befell him but that which infinite love permitted for the blessing of the world did you get that nothing could touch Christ except what the father allowed for the enemy to do as long as it was for the blessing of the world here was his source of comfort and it is for us that was the source of comfort for Jesus and it is for us he who is imbued with the spirit of Christ abides in Christ whatever comes to him comes from the Savior who surrounds him with his presence nothing can touch him except by the Lord's permission all our sufferings and sorrows and our temptations and trials all our sadness and griefs all our persecutions and trip and privations in short all things will work together for our good all experience and circumstances are God's workmanship in things for whatever has happened in your life not just today whatever has happened in your life in you start giving things today in tomorrow and so on and you are a new creation in Christ Jesus by the early 70s you

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