Clint Eastwood Accepts the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1996

  • Feel lucky, punk????!!! My all time favorite actor, loved & have all his spaghetti westerns & Dirty Harry movies ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • He’s the best, he’s always been my favorite, I admire his hard ass ways along with his integrity and humility, he’s a huge inspiration to anyone that wants to have a long and happy life, with hard times as well but nothing has ever gotten old Clint down! NO I don’t worship any celebrities or have any weird obsession with Clint Eastwood but no doubt he’s the best, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington would be tied for 2nd in my book, and we’ll put Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt at a close 3rd, what do you guys think? Who’s your top 3? This is actually research for a class, I’m 34 by the way, leave your age too if you don’t mind, seriously it’s for research but I didn’t know what my project was going to be until now, help me out!

  • If you watch Clint here, or on the utube vid with he and Ali on a talk show almost 3 decades before this in 1969 you will see that he's almost exactly the same. Think about that, in almost 30 yrs with about as much success as a man can have there is STILL no ego on the man, just a polite, easy going, and totally respectful man that is comfortable in his own skin. He is as big of Hollywood name as anyone but there's absolutely nothing "Hollywood" about him. Go Clint!

  • When I feel low, I see God in him, his expressions to turn around and definitely you are, ought to be, you are there, Where Eagles Dare….

  • Known Fact…When The Academy gave Alfred Hitchcock his Honorary Oscar back in the 70's…Hitch ONLY said…Thank You. That was it. But When the AFI Presented Hitch his lifetime award…Hitch spoke beautifully about his Editor, Script Writer, Mother of Pat, and the 4th person was the finest cook to perform miracles in a domestic kitchen….Alma Reville…His Wife for 54 Years. IT was Beautiful. He never spoke at the Oscars..because he was not respected by the Academy as a Whole . AFI..Hitch truly respected and admired.

  • The family and I just watched Gran Torino. After growing up with those awesome westerns in the 70s and 80's it's one of his movies that somehow we missed. What a great story, acting and directing job. Just saw star wars too which we loved but I have to say if I had to pick between them I'd vote Gran Torino. After watching this AFI achievement clip it shows how humble a person he is. Way to go Clint.

  • I'm always confused by this whole awards thing, cause what he says "you need lots of elements of luck to make it" so at what point does it change from "I'm so lucky to get this part" to "Give him/her an award" let's face it, nearly every actor, given the luck, could be huge in the industry, and I think it's important also for all the people standing out in the rain on premiere night to remember, the Stars you're all scrambling to see are really just very VERY lucky & are just like you!!!

  • Yea, he will be seeing everyone again after his masterpiece "American Sniper" hits the screens and he wins again for Best Director and Best Picture in 2015

  • I'll see you again! What does that tell you about Clint Eastwoods career! He just might become the 2nd AFI recipient later on because he is still cranking out beautiful pictures

  • True God- makes everyone else look like adolescent kids fumbling with the bra in the backseat. Even people like Harrison Ford.

  • With Heston and Peck we have the true and last real MEN ACTORS; not the young ball-less crap today on screens, or the fake monsters played by Reid, Boehner, and that living 'puke' with legs: Obama-Mama.

  • Amazing watching all the Hollywood Libtard's saluting a Republican voter. I think only Eastwood can get away with that. Ok, Charlton Heston and a few others as well

  • This was a premature award for Eastwood. He is turning out his greatest work in his 80's. They will have to have a 2nd AFI for him and he will speak again in his 90's because his mom lived a long time

  • I don't believe in God …… But if there was one, he sure is. Taught me a lot of things that I am today, and taught me a lot of things I can never be …

  • How could 9 people actually dislike this to the point where they needed to deliberately click the Dislike button? That's a lot of dislike, considering they could've merely moved on to another page.

  • As for "Trouble with the Curve," one can't judge a film from commercials or trailers, so we'll see. Of course, he didn't direct that one, handing over the directorial assignment to his longtime assistant director, Robert Lorenz.

    Personally, I'm more interested in his next directorial project, his remake of "A Star is Born" with Beyonce. I'd especially like to see him cast Tom Cruise as the male lead …

  • In my opinion, "Invictus" constituted Eastwood's weakest film since "Blood Work," but still a worthwhile exercise. It may have been his most sentimental directorial film, yet also his most inspiring. I thought that "Hereafter" and "J. Edgar" proved much better, the first nearing masterpiece status, the second reaching it through a fascinating deconstruction and inversion of masculine values. But neither film fulfills audience expectations at all, so they haven't scored that well with viewers.

  • Yeah I didn't like that either, it was in very poor taste.

    J. Edgar and Hereafter weren't very good movies and Invictus was okay at best.
    That's just my opinion. Problem is, Trouble with the Curve doesn't look very good either.

  • I disagree strongly … what wasn't good was his performance at the RNC, the total opposite of the class and eloquence on display here.

  • …and Sutherland and Eastwood acted in Space Cowboys…it seems to me that Mr. Eastwood is a very loyal person, works with people that made good work with him previously. Nice to see that.

  • If Clint Eastwood is the ultimate badass in all the world, his mom (at 0:53) was even more badass. What else could she be, if at one of the Academy Awards, in the red carpet, she turns to him, in front of all the cameras, and starts pinching Mr. Eastwood´s cheek, just like he was a small kid? Awesome.

  • It's incredible that they gave him this award at a time when everyone thought he'd got his Oscars, had built an impressive body of work and would now quietly retire. Nobody could have forseen the rich and varied masterpieces that lay ahead as this man moved into his 70's. And yet in a way perhaps we should have done. Because nobody has ever had a career like Clint Eastwood. Nobody.

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