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ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 Submission for the DaVinci Awards

The Quattro 4 is a remarkably powerful, innovative and beautiful communication
system, designed to bring the joy back to communicating, connecting and experiencing life. The Quattro
4 offers an array of features that allow you to connect your mobile phone, so can hear
conversations clearly and effortlessly. Listen to your
music with concert hall quality sound and to
connect your TV, tablet, laptop, or desktop, bringing the
joy of entertainment back. The sound quality is great, it’s crystal-clear, when I’m talking whether it on my business phone here… at the office, on my desk or my cell phone… I’ve had other people tell me how clear it was on the other line. I don’t feel like it’s too loud… I can adjust the volume, if I’m driving I can adjust it right on top. another great thing that it has [concerning] features is that it has a removable mic. By utilizing proprietary technology for
amplification and frequency management, robust DSP chip
sets, Bluetooth version four, and our unique Quattro boost 8 strand looping
technology… the Quattro 4 is the master key,
unlocking all of the potential of your hearing aid
or cochlear implant by delivering sound directly to
your instruments. Your hearing aids or cochlear implant becomes the most
remarkable custom headset on the planet. For those
without hearing aids or cochlear implants… we package the Quattro
4 with our patented smart sound earbuds,
which provide safe binaural sound. The patent-pending
removable Bluetooth microphone converts this remarkable device into a
conversation amplifier. place the mic close to the source of
sound you want to hear… the Quattro 4 delivers up to 30
decibels of amplified custom sound directly to your ears. So the fact that I’ve gotta very clear crisp
display on the Quattro and the fact that the Quattro talks to me, tells me caller ID tells me when my powers on, when I’m out of range… In fact, I have a tendency to walk away from
my cell phone, and in the last two months twice I would have walked away from my cell phone in a restaurant I left it on the table, but the Quattro said to me as I was moving away “Out of range!” Ah! I’ve got to go back to get my cell phone. The Quattro 4 features multi-point Bluetooth, allowing you to pair up to five
devices and connect up to 2 devices
simultaneously, allowing you to answer the phone while watching TV, listening to music, or working on your laptop. it even allows you to access Siri or
S voice without touching your phone. The
Quattro 4 liberates the young and aging and
everyone in between from barriers to communication and connection. It changes lives. ClearSounds Communications – Moving
beyond the sound barrier with solutions for today and a vision
for the future.

  • You should be ashamed ot the captioning on this video. I hope the Quattro is better than the captions you have. The poor quality of the captions is a disinterrent to purchasing the product

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