CLC(씨엘씨) – 'ME(美)' Music Clip

  • Cube !!! what the heck are you guys doing??? did CLC even finished their promo before you had G idle's comeback??? let these girls have their moment to shine and not have them overlap each other!!! aishhhhhhhhh

  • Some one in the comment who can read hangul says! The card they hold in the end, says "beautiful chesires" yah. I'm 😭😘😘😘😘😘

    Chesires please keep collecting silverpoints on starpass starting today if you haven't already. Download starpass app from Google play store or app store. After sign up, Start collecting silverpoints and don't forget to convert your silverpoints into show votes before the 16th of month, because if you don't convert all your hard earned silverpoints will be deleted by the app, so remember to convert to show votes whatever you earn before 16th of that month. Let's please 😫🙏🙏💓 make our girls happy by getting them their well deserved win. If we don't work hard who will? And we'll just end up complaining this or that comeback deserved a win but didn't! Instead of being unhappy about our girls being underappreciated let's do everything we can to help them.

    What we can do as fans to help CLC!

    1. Promote them on your social media (Facebook, Insta, Twitter).

    2. Tell your friends to check them, recommend others clc songs that they might like.

    3. Share their music videos or any clc videos that is funny or interesting. And for those of you who knows hangul or understand Korean, if you have time and can do it, please help with subtitles on CLC videos. Many a times interested people because they don't understand a word don't really get to understand the CLC members or might even misunderstand, so subtitles are always very helpful! And because chesires are more of international fans so subtitles is oxygen.

    4.Share the guide to clc video ( I recommend the one in peejtea channel it's actually very helpful).

    5.Also don't forget to promote produsorn and seungmong channels.

    6. If you can cover their songs or upload videos related to clc if you have YouTube channel.

    7. Also share and follow the clc members accounts on Instagram.

    8. Collect silverpoints on starpass app and vote for them when they come back and get them wins.

    9. If you have Korean friends or following on Instagram, fb please tell them/enlighten them about clc. We really need more stronger fan base in Korea especially because our girls can't win or chart on music charts, easily if Korean fans don't stream their music or local Korean sites.

    10. Stream, Stream, Stream whenever you have time! (Some people think streaming isn't important but the truth is most people are very judgemental and judge videos based on views, especially here on YouTube, so like they say when in rome, do as the Romans do).
    Other fandoms lose their sleep over streaming (don't do that) so we can at least put more efforts and importance on streaming. Even Sorn says it's very important! We all know most people won't ignore what a trending right and will at least show some interest.

    11. If you have money, and are looking for things to spend it on, try buying a clc album. They have great bsides and even buying one copy helps them earn something. Buying their albums is the most important thing for them to be financially stable.
    Also if you can, avoid the unnecessarily spending on unhealthy junk food or say makeup or anything else that you think you buy too much and save up some of that money for CLC comeback next time (I'm not forcing just giving an idea) also their albums are not at all pricy, most of the time it's 9$ to 12$, and if you get a discount it's lesser than that.

    These are many ways you can help please consider doing what you can to support the girls! Because we know they deserve more appreciation and recognition and let me tell me you guys " A fandom can make or break a group". And we chesires should do what we can to support and help the girls while we can.

    Sorry for this long comment. Thanks if you cared and read this far, let me know what else can we do to support our girls.

  • why is this dumb company releasing shit like this after promotions ended omg anyways the girls did amazing. i love them

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