Clash Trophy Road // Opening EVERY Chest in Clash Royale

hey guys DT here welcome back to my channel and welcome to a brand new episode of cholesterol today is pretty darn epic we're going to open possibly every single chest there is in game and then I'm gonna show you the deck that got me to 4600 let's go ahead and start with the most measly one and it's definitely gonna go giant and I'm gonna eat my words did I just say measly one and now we're gonna have a legendary so let's see what we actually end up getting here I love this first chest of the day and first legendary okay Sparky I'll take it I'll take it okay now let's go ahead and move on to the next chest which is gonna be the match let's see the magical chest has the magic in it all right some mega minions a whole bunch of fires I'll be watching this right now the second legendary for today let's see what this will be okay and we got a magic Archer I hit a little bit back I feel like while we are on that you know train we should definitely continue on with a mega lightning so let's go ahead and start with the one that we got from the quest eight straps available let's get the gold I'm actually gonna take archers I think they're quite alright I'm gonna strike the bomb tower and I think so enjoying SuperDuper happy to spread joy let's see what we get electro wizard I like it okay now I am definitely gonna go ahead and strike the bomb tower I'm gonna strike that again okay flying machine I'm gonna keep the flying machine let's go ahead and see what we get for I actually do end up using giant skeleton I have a deck that I come back to every once in a while that has him so overall I am pretty happy you're probably asking why in the world I did not strike the electro wizard I'm happy with it um I definitely I'm happy with that as my legendary for right now let's get all the other rewards here guys we have so much going on and now guys this is the deck that actually got me 240 609 the deck is a nice swear is absolutely one of my favorites of all time so I'm gonna take it for a spin and then I also wanted to take a moment and actually claim all of my rewards today so I can get started but I'm gonna actually just fast forward that cuz too many and then we'll open the two remaining chests in a second so let's go ahead and get started legendary that is going to be legendary number four today all right what do we get what do we get when we get I haven't gotten eye twitch in a long time guys lumberjack was one of those legendaries who took me forever to get and I refused to get him from the store because I was like I'm gonna get you one day boy and you will be mine and that I did today is probably the best chess nobody video everything in my life and not alone project see first I couldn't get him now stay away from me with fire spirits let's go home here and we have another legendary goddess which will I big definitely going for the role go stare guys no question about it we got a rim writer I actually purchased my boyfriend rider from the store guys but I couldn't get her and now I have her so let's go ahead and check out the deck see how it works and don't forget we have two more chests to go we have another mega lightning and we have an epic so let's go ahead and check the dead and then come back and open these two let's do it okay stakes are high here guys stakes is very very high so I got a play play smart okay let's see what he's gonna fax a lava hound with we must prepare here my goodness we have a favorite business right here oh my gosh and that's gonna be tower right there guys Holy Mother that was definitely very very oaky since that's the tower I'm not going to worry about these little bets what I'm going to worry about is his giant skeleton we finished that left our with just the spell so that's not an issue that was the silliest thing ever he could have totally finished it with a spell but I guess Ryan hints me a victory here so we go let's try this again nuts but first let's go ahead and open this Hey goblin giant do you guys use goblin giant much I really don't I just don't man is this matchmaking not working or is it because I stink and they're like we're gonna magic over there Blair with level 9 King's tower which one is it and this is why I loved our table guys absolutely one of my favorite cards out I did no damage to his Terrace just yet I mean I wouldn't he that's where I'm going to take it to face the Goblin barrel brother [Applause] [Applause] is my darlin take three guys with sticks it just it just works it's just trying to push into hundreds with it and I'll let you know how it goes if you if you can play it smart if you don't rush with the elixir which sometimes I tend to do you will really enjoy the deck so go ahead and give it a go and I've previously played it with a giant instead of a mega night obviously changed the deck mechanics very much so but if you don't have a mega night so this guys this is it for today's video this is the deck that I've been using like I said I love using it in on the letter I love using it in 2v2 and it did get me to almost 4700 challenger 3 this season and I'm trying to stay here and push forward as you guys know this is my highest season so I'm pretty excited I'm also excited that she came out to check me out today so thanks again for watching thanks for being here all this time if you enjoyed the video don't forget to share it with your friends and like it and I'll see you guys in the next episode of clash Royale until them DT is out bye everybody


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