Ciara Responds to Russell Wilson Engagement Rumors | Celebrity Spotlight | E! News

you know what it was one of those dresses where I actually try I've never really tried on dresses more than one time and a fitting and we had to really make sure everything's been like he'll right in the right spot because there was a big opening opening open side on the dresses so I had to try it on like two times and I was like you know what we got to make this work so we were so determined he really loved it we thought it was so beautiful and just such a strong dress and it just worked out perfectly you know in the end we were like this is the one let's make it work and we do congratulation good luck you don't want I just loved him she said she's an amazing girl and you know she's such an incredible artist incredible you know she's a very vocal artist which I respect about her but I honestly they get to see all of the speech I left by the point that she gave her speech but I do know she won her she was winning awards so congratulations her on that and she's an awesome girl coaches such a clearly I mean 75 years it's been around for now I think this is the 776 ear it's going on and there's a reason why I think that coaches really knows how to speak to our hearts you know as Americans it's a classic American brand and one that I really have to say you know give my friend Stuart Bieber's a big high five because I think he's done a phenomenal job of coming in and like you know adding keeping the maintaining what the brand is already set but also adding making giving some adding some youth to it you know they even wore youth and I'm just keeping it classic maintaining it's classic you know brand that it is and so I just love it I honestly I feel fly and we can coach my coach beer and of course you got to love the coach yeah but today I'm wearing them a leather skirt and best and a classic white shirt underneath and I normally don't wear ankle booties like this but the way that I've had them on design I used to be really self-conscious about ankle booties that stop short but I actually really like these and it worked out perfect so it's just really chill the latest stories be sure to visit me online and download any online app I actually had a question about the packages you're so cute you're still cute it's a lot of makeup yes it's Taylor Swift giving away her awards to her squad this is so true


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