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Ciara Gives Empowering Speech As She Accepts Her Rock Star Award! | Black Girls Rock 2019

– Ciara, whether
it’s on the stage, in the classroom
at Harvard University, at the gym,
or getting the world to dance, you continue to push us to ♪ Level up, level up,
level up, level up, level up ♪ That is what makes you
a rock star. [cheers and applause] [upbeat percussive music
playing] ♪ ♪ – Thank you so, so much. Thank you, mama. Wow, gonna get me
emotional up here. [laughs] I want to first start out by
saying thank you so much to BET for honoring me
with this special award. It means so much to me
for so many reasons. As a little girl, I always
dreamt of moments like this, and I want to focus
on all the young girls in the audience watching
because you are the future, and I see my younger self
in a lot of you. So if I could write a letter
to my younger self, here are some of the words
of wisdom I would tell her. Little Ciara
from Decatur, Georgia, be patient.
[laughs] Everything in life will go exactly
how it was supposed to go. At times, you will
feel like an outcast, that you don’t fit in, but you will discover
that being your own clique will be your
strongest attribute. [cheers and applause] In life, you’re gonna
face many challenges, many moments of adversity. There are gonna be
a lot of successes and some failures too. Those moments are gonna
create your character, build your integrity, and they will become
your beauty marks. On your journey in life, you may hear a lot more nos
than yeses, but you’ll let those moments
motivate you, and those that said no will eventually wish
they would have said yes. [applause] And you will know
that all is possible because of God’s grace. [applause] I hope my journey
can inspire anyone my music has ever touched. I also want to thank
my fans for your support because you continue
to inspire me. And to every girl
listening out there, you will forever be empowered
by knowing that no one, absolutely no one, can close a door
that God has opened for you. [cheers and applause] Thank you so much.


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