Chugging Orange Soda out of a Huge Trophy (Gideon Oji Response Video)

haha my man gideon OG called me out he says he wants me to drink some orange Fanta soda out of one of my trophies he says I know Bailey has got some trophies in the basement something in the basement you know from over the years well I got a few left just like that beautiful bean footage you're watching badlands chunks welcome to an episode of badlands chugs and this time this one is for Gideon og okay he recently called me out and says that he wanted to chuck some Fanta out of a trophy right so he pit his chug with his favorite trophy you know saying there's a turtle okay world champion man you could put the whole world in alright so now that I have my favorite oh my god world champion trophy all right Chicago all right that a world-class shock world-class tophi chugging the world one bottle of the Time Bandits chuckles back


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