Chuck E Cheese's All You Can Play Challenge Family Entertainment and Games

you know Chuck you Jesus thank some games you can play pass Wow you know what that means I am we can play all the games here as many times do you want all right let's go in the place you ready get started wait but I have a challenge okay we're gonna see who can get the most ticket speeds me because you can play for unlimited games you know what that means more tickets oh yeah that's right the challenge is on let's go mommy's turn see we get more tickets alright lets you get daddy alright Ryan that's fun another game go I'll catch up great mind let's try dog pounder next week whoa all right you ready to play minion game I think you're winning right guys you guys ready to play 84 go yeah yes it's my investme oh you already got one nice what about you daddy I got five tickets I'm late oh my god it's more than fun together Ryan all right what right you ready to kiss on your basketball skills yeah all right okay guys that was so much fun but I think mommy needs a little break a break first yeah so with the new play box it's really cool because you can pause at any time okay so I just take a little break and it will come back for more fun a break now on a break let's go so far Ryan you read the play games again yes [Applause] Oh [Applause] right you ready to ride and take a picture okay on the client the picture just came out when you stick it up its Tina's tolerance castle No I'm catching up okay what do you want to play all right okay I'll play next time y'all try I'll show you how to play this one I can be just like a necklace [Applause] all right Ryan trade in our ticket for some prize and see who's got more tickets okay you ready we counted up the ticket and Ryan actually won he has two thousand one that's amazing I only have 500 tickets Oh so Ryan won the chuck-e-cheeses ticket challenge good job now for prizes I want this one oh yeah okay you can get boo and there's a bulb two of them check the cheese and beach ball play with parents visit your local chuck-e-cheeses to take part in the all you can play challenge to see how many tickets you and your family can win thank you for watching our chuck-e-cheeses video we have so much fun playing all these games and Ryan won the challenge and Ryan using so many tickets because we got this play pack unlimited to play right so more games more tickets right all right guys for now bye please click on one of these videos where I enjoy more fun you

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