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another big premiere in town it'll bring the fun yeah and since you're a funny guy we put you on the bring the money premiere we did I was the least funny person guarantee a 180 and who's very funny I just have to like serve it up to her and that her ghost about Luna being funny what Luna does that makes her laugh a consistent basis and everybody in the office is obsessed with Chrissy's clap back so we had to talk about that take a look there's a part of like pop culture to you that's like so bad it's good oh gosh I mean I see it on Twitter all day people in the office like applaud your clap back game like none other like what is this secret honestly I hold back a lot now if it's funny and not malicious I like to do it it's more of an entertaining thing with your nail polish like come on you've been thinking about what you're saying all day I told you what I actually do it there all day you couldn't be buried what's something that she does it's like consistently funny that makes you laugh I mean the debate she just goes back and forth with us for so long and everything is not an argument but she's so smart with her opinions that you can't even be mad she's a little baby adult and to me that's so funny and so entertaining what are your thoughts I feel like a cougar you guys bonded yeah it feels like we've known each other forever for us the dynamic Amanda keen and Jeff and me it was awesome literally from day one it was we were laughing a lot of this panels got you know grew up on Comi Chrissy's sort of like the anomaly in that situation you know what I think Chrissy's probably the most important judge she just knows it either makes her laugh or it doesn't I was telling them how you're the most important judge he said I said he's the most important no you are because you only know does it make me laugh or not make me laugh so she's the voice of the people good time with these guys like are you guys on a text chain together all right I don't like them I don't like either none of them now that that doesn't totally they're great it's kind of amazing because you know they've only worked together for a short period of time but you know both Amanda and J and Keenan had been to Jeff's farm we go ridden his horses they read his horses did she wait never they said that amanda was like he has horses so I did make up the fact that they just went how I did the chemistry though because it's obviously there was a connection yeah absolutely I did mention that I feel like Luna should probably be one of the lawyers and Chrissy's up coming jug show because she likes to argue when you serve it up let's watch I think she's too young honest I don't think she it's not a real show joking all right cool she's not really interested she wasn't being serious yeah are you bringing the funny gonna go home pretty upset don't be upset hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube will keep you pop-culture


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