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Chris Harrison from The Bachelor Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey we’re backstage at the Grammys. I’m Shira Lazar and
this is brought to you by Turbo Tax. I’m right now with Chris Harrison from The Bachelor. How’s it goin’? I’m good, how are you? It’s good. It is cool being backstage. We were just talking,like all the people that are performing we get to hear.
We can’t see cause there’s a curtain, but you can hear everything. You can hear. We can’t tweet though. I don’t think it’s allowed. Can we tweet that someones performing? Can we tweet
that we’re not allowed to tweet. Yeah. [laughter] Telling this room of Narcissistic like self centered human beings that they can’t tweet is impossible. Tweet hashtag Grammy Guy. That’s like saying, I can’t talk about myself. You can’t do that. You can’t do it. So have you
been seeing anyone here? I know you do entertainment reporting. I do. Tia Carrere, who’s a friend was good to see. Sara Rue, Oh who else? Florence And The Machine, who
I’m a big fan of. Me too. Love them. Saw them perform at Sundance. It’s kind of cool to just like cruise around the room and you see. You know, I love music so I love the Grammys. I’m lookin’ forward to the red carpet that I’m hosting for TV Guide network. Yes. Cause like you mentioned it’s a crazy eclectic mix. Like I’ll be opening my show with Miranda Lambert and then you might go to Eminem and
then you might go to Barbra Streisand. Like, in what world does that happen? Only at the Grammys. I agree. What do you ask Barbara? I don’t know and again I’m not that light in the loafers. I’m not that big of a Streisand guy but it’s Barbra Streisand. There’s people that just are kind of like above and beyond. She just has that it factor. I agree. Tonight, Stevie Wonder I might interview him. What do you ask Stevie Wonder? I actually met him. Unfortunately at Michael Jackson’s funeral Sweetest guy you’ll ever run into. So just phenomenal. Same thing with Barbara. I don’t know. I hear great things
and I might just cry. Cry like a little girl. You’ll be like, I’m sorry. Oh, Barbara. Just ask, why are you so awesome? your awesomeness, can I touch your aura? So The Bachelor, it’s just never ending? Never stops? Knock on wood. Yeah it’s already ten years we’ve been doing
this. It’s hard to believe. Are you kidding me? Yeah, twenty-one seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Currently going with Brad Womack and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. It will go until you’re an old bachelor.
I’m going to come out in my I’m going to come out in my little walker and be
like, you know with the tennis balls under them. Hi everybody it’s your final rose. Give some expert advise on how to stay with one woman. I’ll be wearing diapers by the time I’m done. So what’s a piece guidance someone has given you in terms
of getting to where you’re at in your career? For myself anyway, I just never take no for an answer. Never You know cause people will always tell you,
you want to be on TV, really? you know, there’s so many people that are going
to tell you you can’t do something and I just always took offense to that. I was like
okay now I’m really going to make it happen. Do you have a go to mentor? I did, yeah. Sadly enough my mentor I met when I was in college and
he gave me my first few jobs. He actually, it was the ten year anniversary of, I don’t know if you remember the Oklahoma State basketball team plane crash. He was the voice of the Cowboys. A guy named Bill Teegins. Who brought me out of college. Gave me my first two jobs and really he was so hard on me but also like a father figure at the same time. He was definitely my mentor and he told me, quit this business. There’s no money in it,
there’s no nothing. Unless you really love it,don’t do this. But I loved it and it’s turned out okay. And here you are today. I just always felt like,
you know what, if you’re not afraid to fail it’s amazing what you do. I just never felt
like what’s the worst that can happen. You fall on your face. Get back up and do it. And it works. Yeah, well we’ll see. No you’ll be standing. Do not fall on your
face after this interview. I might if I see Babbs. Do not trip. Do I have to leave? Do I have to take a moment and say my goodbyes? Say goodbye. Alright, geez. Thank you Chris Sponsored by Turbo Tax. If you have a simple return you can file for free with the Turbo Tax Federal Free Edition.

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