Chris Evans Is Hanging Up His Shield as Captain America | E! News

Chris Evans shares an emotional farewell to Captain America after playing Captain America for nearly a decade Evans tweeted that his time as the superhero is coming to an end the 37 year olds actor who has played Steve Rogers in six Marvel films took to Twitter Thursday to announce he's officially hung up his shield officially wrapped on Avengers 4 it was an emotional day to say the least Evans wrote playing this role over the last eight years has been an honor to everyone in front of the camera behind the camera and in the audience thank you for the memories eternally grateful the last time fans saw Chris as the captain was in Avengers infinity war when he and his teammates fought Thanos in an effort to save the universe even though he is set to retire that doesn't mean another Captain America can't rise in the next Marvel film Chris will make his final appearance as Captain America in the untitled Avengers 4 filled that a set to hit may 3rd and 2019 thirsty for more celebrities make sure you subscribe to the e-news youtube channel so you could stay informed on all the breaking updates come on you know you want to be the first to know about all the latest hookups breakups or arrests and so much more


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