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Chris Brown – Turn Up the Music and Beautiful People Grammy Performance 2012 – MissP Recap

Chris Brown, shout out to him
for winning a Grammy for Fame. I really, really enjoyed that
album, so kudos to him. He actually had a very big
dance performance. I know he was lip syncing,
because I wouldn’t have been able to bounce around, up
and down, all around, doing all of that. I think his dancing
was pretty good. I mean, I’ve seen better
from Chris Brown. It was like he was jumping
on a bunch of Legos. I couldn’t really
get it at first. I thought they were flies. Energy is always up in through
the roof, but after a while it was getting kind of redundant. He was going up and down. I’m glad he did “Beautiful
People,” but I wanted him to break out into something
synchronized, or something like that. He kept jumping from
step to step. I was like, oh my god. I was getting kind
of confused. But you know, the steps
were lighting up. I wanted something different
from Chris Brown. It feels like I’ve seen
everything, but I would love for him to do a big old
montage of his songs. That would have been even
better, just to show his vocal ability as well as his
dancing ability.


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