Chris Antonetti explains the decision to DFA Leonys Martin, enjoys Oscar Mercado’s improvement

we'll be announced earlier today we decided to designate Leon's marquee for assignment in order to create room for Aaron Somali difficult move for us organizationally you know with all that we've been through at Leonys but at this point we felt it was the right thing to do for our team and we've got a lot of moving parts right now and never expect there to be some forthcoming moves it will rebalance our roster over the next two days it's just had a really difficult time getting going offensively and we feel that there are guys that are capable and have earned some more of those events and that kind of led to the decision House leaders been it was a big part of the equation I think his continued development and emergence as a as a really productive major-league player for us he'll dodge that decision but it's also a factor of the other some of the weight or the way some of the other guys perform as well if you feel some of the guys on our roster earn some more fats and we need that it's Oscar Marcato that everyday center-field are moving forward hopefully regularly I'm not sure it'll be every day but they'll play regularly PETA does such a good job of utilizing the roster and putting guys in a position that I succeed and figuring out when the right time to give them breaks is so do people ask you like if you're at the grocery store


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