Chez Reavie Trophy Celebration

all right you already seen a bunch of the big shots down the stretch from both Keegan Bradley and Chazz Ruby Ruby with that birdie on 17 to seal the deal on a 2019 Travelers Championship we want to send it out to Joe's own one more time live at TPC River Highlands Joe time for chess to get some hardware you are looking at the live ceremony Chris Berman presenting the trophy to our champion Chazz really just reading off the names of some of the former champ ser Arnold Palmer Sam Snead and of course and then when we're done we'll say goodbye and did you look at you can learn you've been under a long time yes but yesterday six pack six ahem almost like on the interstate right today six up all of a sudden one what do you have to tell yourself each load and then when the numbers are changing but there's the one roll ahead look what was the most important for you today yeah I just take it a shot by shot and stick into the game plan I knew I stuck to that I was gonna have some dirty chances and I knew I was gonna have to make and coming in or I was gonna lose or we were going to be in a playoff so I was gonna make a birdie wouldn't give me a three shot swing alright is chris burrman wraps up the ceremonies here we'll have our own coverage tonight on sports Sunday were live from the TPC and River highlights chroma Joe's own channel 3 Eyewitness News

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