Charlie's Angels (2019) Trailer #1

these women can't do anything just because they can doesn't mean they should stand angels you have a new client who is she I can't sleep at night I'm the lead programmer on a product that can revolutionize the power industries but there is a possibility it can be weaponized and I'm 42 I'm Jane who are you embossing welcome to the pounds of agency we exist because traditional law enforcement can't keep up I don't like that boy you guys are like lady spies Jane's former mi6 Oh God what did you to defend my compressed his carotid and deoxygenated his brain stem well that sounds painful don't worry he's gonna wake up unless he doesn't Sabina runs the ground game sano stuff let's get the weapon before it becomes every bad guy's favorite new toy take her to the closet cheer her up we're gonna need some wigs we're still in the first pocket there's another closet just stop the touch some of these blows up are you flirting with a handsome nerd host not how'd that feel cuz it looks like it felt really good how nice good morning angels morning


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