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Charles E. Boyk Law Offices Names Jill Lane as Good News, Go

Welcome back everyone everyone here at NBC 24 wanted to brighten your days with some uplifting news and every couple of weeks we are joined by a guest a positive difference in the communities.
So our most recent winner of our Good News Good People contest is Jill Lane! Good morning Jill… this morning we have this nomination of
course that came through Charles Boyk Law Offices and you are the administrative
assistant for the Hebrew Academy right? That’s correct and sounds like the
whole place can’t run without ya Well they do pretty good sometimes when I’m not there but its my wonderful job. Okay everyone
she’s been completely modest just want you to know if you know Jill you probably already knew that right? Well one of the parents Tracy is the person that nominated you and this what she says, she says Jill Jill is the go to person everyone’s needs and without her the school would not be the best it is today. So I’m sure you’ve talked to Tracy recently about this nomination? Yes I
have and how did… I thanked her for nominating me and (um) told her that putting her three
children through the school has been a pleasure a pleasure for me and I just (um) as I tell all the parents when those children walk through the door they’re mine until three o’clock. How cute! They’re mine…and as a parent I’d love to hear that they’re in good hands. If they’re not feeling well, if they’re having a bad day or anything going on Jill is going to be there to make sure that they’re OK and you guys we’re just talking a commercial
break you’re saying how much you love to come to work tell me about your job. Well my job is the first thing is to make sure the children are safe that they’re feeling secure and comfortable and and I always saw try to help the teachers that anything that they need to do and I assist the principal and whatever she
needs and anytime parents need a sounding board or a teacher needs a sounding board they know that they can call me and come to me. We do have a picture that your principal sent to us yes on Friday you two get along great now you have to point out which one you are remember I’m on the back row on the right in the red sweater, the shortest one in the picture (laughter) your almost as tall as your students are (laughter) yea they’re able to put their elbow on my shoulder there just a few years 18 total it’s just a little and so there’s quite a bit going on at the Hebrew Academy right now going on well unfortunately our school is closing the last day is June 10th um our enrollment
is way down its that twenty-two students this year but in my
eyes you couldn’t get a better education at the school. It’s like a diamond in a the rough um not only for Judaic learning but the the secular learning, the children um
they just come out of that school so far ahead of their peers when they go into public school it’s just amazing. It will be tough to see that one close Yes it will. How do you feel about this award Jill? Well I’m I’m thrilled about this award! um I was very surprised and to learn about everything I didn’t know
anything about it and from like I said I I love going to school and doing my job. I love the children um as I was telling
you a few years ago I registered a kindergarten whose grandmother grew up with you me. So I seem
to know the kids as they come in I know their background and I know their
families and which makes my job a lot easier so and I just love the kids they’ve been lucky to have you as well I appreciate everything. Thanks so much and congratulations! and thank you again and just as Joe mentioned, if you know someone like Jill be a great nomination for our Good News, Good People just go on our website toledo on the move dot com and you can nominate them right there. Alright we’ll have another check of the weather right after this.

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