Champions Trophy 2002 Semi Final Srilanka vs Australia

gorgeous day as well there was pretty cloudy on Wednesday as typical Gilchrist he's got the game underway where is the a square cut over point it was the precision and power that's typical Adam Gilchrist is saucy beyond anything we're days the width and here again as you would see er just making yourself but that little bit of fun with given by summing the wasps outside off stump and picking up the rank is so strong in that direction a little bit of movement forward to win diverse but it started wide and went wider and was too short they will have been drummed into this Ryan come bowlers they can't get Gilchrist or Hayden anything short or anything why that's better sumit devices for the front of coolant announced primatech quite a while and this is an opportunity he's got to really stand up and be counted here need to use all his experience [Applause] both old as well that was nobody at midwicket an easy one now that the players can hear themselves think out in the middle as chairman neva runs in the the noise just builds and builds and it will be like that all day there's no question this is the most one of the most passionate crowds in the world biggest tournaments are being held here in sri lanka and the interest is phenomenal [Applause] all stroke from paid me but he gets a single for it I couldn't wrap the has got disabilities you just get the ball to move around a bit and again headin looking to work it on the on side you can play the right line all the same picking up those singles of the three be intent on the Australians that just looking to apply pressure on the Sri Lankans by just pushing singles as early as possibly meaning [Applause] so short and pulled away for four you can tell when there's a for coming because the crowd go quiet Gil Christie's second boundary and if the Sri Lankan bowlers didn't know already they know now that you can Bowl short of this man but sadly not on this pitch is certainly very slowing as if just a trifle short and Gilchrist how quickly it gets across amaz it away onto that wakened area [Applause] takes so little time or guilt Kristin Hayden to just get a tune to the bitch more runs here punch down the ground off the back foot 3 it's well run this outfield is very quick this is Gladys reluctance me to be careful thankful and restrict the Australians in their running suit seeker priest and hidden just a bit of a jab and for beating Jayasuriya but just look at the Australians run at this Joseph is almost at the ball when now the third run was gone so with the top and mid with it not time particularly well even rather chanting his arm there no slips in place now [Applause] first to do creating that really hasn't got its climbing going as yet the one might call it all the same getting it into weapons areas producing runs we offside the word two slips in here they've gone short midwicket and short cover slower ball it's beating everybody and they will run away four four four buys the batsman children aren't that same and also taking some ricotta by surprise bad miss by the wicketkeeper well there's got to be some communication between bowler and keeper if he's going to bowl that delivery it's so difficult for the people to take when the ball bounces in front of them on these bumpy out fields out here coming back for to hurry we'll have to hurry that is quit running Marelli's got a fine throw 23 without loss the dose prison certainly are going to take on this reluctant fielder's again just pushing that second run and taking on the fielders and doing that in good time were deliverin he's very quick to faster for the Austrians our quick stuff between the wickets as well cut away by Gilchrist what a great shot that is too much width again and the immense power put into the stroke again suddenly that visa we can bring four he'll twist its source Sevilla on anything that is outside the off stomach a little bit of whipped finish but he picks the gaps very well well good around he's got his work cut out here he's only medium pace evolves wider the crease he's slanting it across at Gilchrist he's made 16 off eight balls and if gunner at me just slightly wide of off stump he's got a problem if he falls it too wide a leg he's got a problem and that's why he's coming around the wiki to try and touch Gilchrist up [Applause] if it has been that area in the difficult region with a great deal of hunger and as soon as it was trifle short in fact the bounces rather low and the Christmas rate that is getting that inside edge slow ball how did he hit wool you can say the Chancellor look that it's holding with them at the moment 30 went out lost [Applause] it's Australian openers are looking to take on anyone even the feed footed opal Shangaan and as soon as the ball has been hit there off a single that's beating that everybody Joe suriya's run circles around that and escorted it to the boundary search Lacroix chasity napping on that occasion that was a very powerfully purchase earlier looking to Tran run after it rather than stopping at source harnessing with all sorts of trouble well he can't dive can he can't dive to his right because of that back shoulder got that through the gap timed it well that can erase away before Gilchrist times the ball so sweetly he's 54 or when gopis is in this mode you really can't keep inquired that delivery wasn't a bad one but given how quickly you got across and the timing was there according to writing with the gap between Madrid and Madan the headache already [Applause] not school now there's nothing wrong with that delivery really you might say it's a fraction short you can tell when the Australians play a decent shot there's a deathly hush what a shot on that equation again Gilchrist just getting behind the line and punching it draw bringing total silence all around seems to obtain an age this bowling chains give the field right slip for the short extra cover Hayden on strike [Applause] it's for bit disconcerting actually because I've got the noise of the crowd in my in my ear here in the commentary box and normally when I fought it there is some sort of noise so that it's polite clapping or just a dull roar there's nothing here the change to having done much to this real anthems again done was in a wing short of this picture that we used to sidle and that's punched away [Applause] ah huge appeal from the Sangakkara Steve Buckner says police consultant it's quite fair within his rights to ask the TV umpire to see if Hayden has got an edge on that it's gonna be worth looking at huge appeal by the Sri Lankan minions if you have much doubt about that that certainly is going to be interesting back to the Mandalay overall [Applause] I can't hear a sound there doesn't appear to be any deviation he would have gone down had Hayden made contact Steve Buckner decision is not out [Applause] there's a place where magically to get there visit Disney holidays don't condone okay it was a client dream and a nation's journey – gross ending in a global marketplace – the creation of its first investment bank and in building on the trust they placed their dream became our own because that was the dream of our clients the nation of China and that is what we do at Morgan's family one client at a time well we've got a surprise here aravinda the silver coming on to bowling isn't the only ball sort of part time anyway now and he's falling inside the first 15 overs he's falling the seventh over no less the prize runs it actually is I think the hospital investment I put this reluctance in a bit of a quandary they've had to resort to someone more part-time spinner in our win the de Silva this very crucial stage of our paintings but if you get a bowl of spinner water they fall early there's all sorts of confusion out there at the moment Oh they've got they had three catching now they've only got to this gully and the square point it's going to be Aravind around the wicket with his topspin not enough that they mid-autumn perfectly was a very fine first delivery by the sofa very much on target drifting slightly into the left-handed batsman [Applause] between probably just a little bit more please draw to got balls the crowd have got something to cheer about big stride probably saved Gilchrist the stern though there are undid it with a little bit of transfer difficulty converges he bristled earlier one and very good shout there will be W and this done getting the hint of turn particularly for someone like the silver that is something the batsman will need to take note off [Applause] the running again [Applause] certainly is something the Austrians have done so we're sitting wide of model that I'm and putting him into a bit of an awkward position they even need to is building onto the present [Applause] [Applause] from the tree we've got exactly what you wanted that's affirmative Kanan we're ahead of charge has been clean bowl by Arab into the silver this is the big while we were in having some I like this when your team the country never person stays and again what a fine delivery just drifting into the left-hander hitting it all rounded to end of looking at that midwicket direction and there have been companies with the goal Oh Matthew Hayden stone for building the first pickets down for 49 Ricky Ponting Australia's captain comes to the police and number three early seven overs gone and Australia 49 for one is replacing the Hayden what's his career very very impressive 930 50 average forty one-and-a-half strike rate 75 [Applause] the Gamble has paid off the Sri Lanka aravinda well they're wicked any first over the stock back better from Sri Lanka it's 49 for one have a look at Tara vaporizer good a little looking first ball [Applause] that was it that was the one for lenka wanted one for one off one for aravinda quite an opening session and the shredder here doing on to Sri Lanka watch rudenko used to do onto others so frequently certainly that World Cup in 96 which they won in the air coming down sister Manjula I'm sure they lost Gilligan at the same floor than our own overdue [Applause] until use wickets for the Sri Lankan pair the spinners coming onto ball and straightaway paying dividend not a very good shot from the left hander they're better off playing it with a straight back and Marvin utter but you have to wait a long time really to get underneath that info on 431 Australia to wicket down 449 Demyan Mart him back in the side mister last match with a hip injury fit now and comes in with both opening backs from going in the space of three balls without a run out of between them after they put on 49 at breakneck pace so fed of rebuilding to do here so Australia have forced the change in the bullying live influence they scared us to come on earlier than shrinking with a bargain for just goes on to show that you have a flexible plan it can work Gilchrist falling in that particular fashion not a very good shot the luncheon topic we have a little bit of variety as for a spin Department is concerned and coming to a great user tomorrow Mussina has done the job for the captain there as the people shot [Applause] so perhaps Gilchrist Hagen that mean there were four worst enemies and they attacked they launched on the too fast Fuller's has brought the scores on 30 would be recently had an effect and I don't think receive missus vaasam good Iraq no game for the innings judging by how the ball has turned a lot of spin of course in this reluctant team very Lutheran Arnold Chandana all available to captain jayasuriya who himself candle left arm spin so I wouldn't think we'd see how much space again rummy that's right especially that they've gone for quite a few runs so London they've got plenty of options as far as the spin of the concerns or managers who are really really looking to utilize them how this game is changed dramatically Australians going at a rapid pace it appears if we were into the last n over the way they were batting very good over from tomorrow machina wicked 51 for to Australia [Applause] having to hurry now if that ball hit the stump certainly I'm bottner would have had to have asked for consultation Martin losing as far as a do patterns return just misses hesitation there from Ricky Ponting gaming Martin had to get to the Polar's end and a direct hit would have certainly got him in trouble big trouble I think would have been gone the field is extremely sharp in the circle they know that this pair will be looking for the singles here in they're not looking for the boundaries two wickets have gone down hit the pad first I'm far apart you're just I think thought about consulting with the television umpire for a while I thought this was closed ball jackin back fished on that middle stump or look extremely close this wasn't far away from the stumps and jamendo vas putting up bacon Vince convincing show out there well the good cause as well [Applause] well they don't know if they will find any space for them inside the ground now it seems to be pretty well packed remember they were talking about very little else wherever you went in Colombo over the last few days once it was ascertained that these two teams would be in the semi final they've spoken about very little else dominated the newspapers as you would expect tremendous rivalry of course between these two teams a lot of controversy over the years contested at 1996 World Cup final when Australia were the favourites and trying to upset them and upset everyone else by winning it 28 victories Australia 13 to Sri Lanka and plenty of turn on par watch it doesn't give the white call its turn down the next side that's a great delivery from a rim that DaSilva put a lot of doubts in the batsman's mind the ability to bowl a very good straight on some enormous turn here one can only imagine what the timer Authority will do when he comes on he's a fixture of the ball shane warne pounds to be looking at this with interest as well all the square [Applause] again taking a chance [Applause] well let's have a look and see if that would have been out certainly earlier would have been at the opposite end when I do pathos return mr. Stumpf's with Martin Elam is grown now ponting with a Chance or boot under the fielder airborne and would have been closed I think he would have made the crease but very well anticipated by opalsen attacking the ball trying to attack the stumps [Applause] from them the vast free overs in his first file 422 the absolutely live cricket here in Sri Lanka there's that close to run out another inch another inch good torque it they discuss it they follow it with a grid intensity warbled again Parbat law is asking I think he is asking to see if the ball hit the bat that's the question he will be putting to the television umpire Rudy Kurtz they will have to decide here on behalf of Stefano extremely good delivery from Jim in DES was ball coming back and Ricky Ponting what at the crease there you see that front foot coming and hitting the back leg which was on the move [Applause] tapped into the air by Steve Barlow on consultation with witty Kurtz in Sri Lankan flags waving even more clearly now revisited on 456 and Australia all of a sudden have changed from confident that ball beaters into really nervous stutterers f-14 356 for to Australia in very bad shape Darren Lehman left-hander comes in now to replaces captain Ricky Ponting just out leg before after consultation between the standing umpire Steve but law and the television replay umpire Rudy coats in in the end it was a good decision the ball would have gone on to hit part of the middle stump and major part of the lick stop but what a sensational turnaround signal there from Steve button or for balls to come [Applause] and even that 30 tentative from layman first up Ricky Ponting the Australian captain failing to read this one winding up really looking for that big booming Drive all came back a little after consultation my partner had no hesitation but to raise that finger and Chaminda Vaas is delirious another important wicket and they enjoyed that too [Applause] it has turned out to be a master stroke from manager Surya to Mars her machine I picked up a wicket he removed him brought in tremendo vas and he picked up a huge wicked of Ricky Ponting getting the ball to reverse a little here I think chemin de that could be because of the aggressiveness of the track with in place for the left-hander those who Lankans on the attacker very sharp in the field now the Sri Lanka's [Applause] there's a mirror literal the real threat yet to come tremendo vas will be extremely happy with his the second effort the first one went for quite a few runs monami rate was seven point three three in the second spell being outstanding one point six four a wicked maiden for Chaminda Vaas in Australia continued to struggle there 56 for 312 over Sun hey Phoenix remember last time we met yeah but it still makes you shake like a little girlie well I can hardly wait to put my hands all around you again in Tekken 4 and make that championship title mine it's the first I record product voice choice good afternoon today you've got a choice choice of waiters you can have Allen here it's very nice and clean or you can have the robot you want the robot when we bank with first Iraq there are no script no presto hashkee now just real people I do apologize it wasn't very successful of it choose first direct it's so black and white they're being strangled here they've lost three the kitchen in 30 quick succession of seven run a situation which calls for a level head for experienced unfuck armas and the two most experienced certainly as far as one is concerned the calmest and coolest head in the business is here in Colombo but not in the team Stevo and Markel being omitted from the Australian one-day team your record rummies that sure they will do anything now to have the presence of Steve Ward in the middle rise in such situations will the inclusion of our in that de Silva has done wonders to the sri lankan team I'm sure if the Australian that evil mark for health the experience would have been extremely handy after looking at those figures I think the Australians will now have to revise the target total at one stage they were looking really to get to 275 or even 300 and that opening pair was going great guns but three wickets have gone down the ball is turning square Morley learn is to come opening the next few overs the things there will be extremely difficult out there for the Australian made the reference to the war brothers or twins then fact are in Colombo they arrived a couple of days ago but they're only here for the first test which has been relocated against Pakistan starts next week Oleg all they can do is watch on stevewall said that he he won't become involved with the one-day team he will be practicing with them wait until their participation in this tournament is over before he joins them for the tests Oh you're the ball turning as much as it is they've really got to be very careful here here the short selection has got to be extremely good guard really play across the line look at that sleep shot normally a very very good shot on a good tracks with this ball is taking a lot of spin router labeling language absolutely certainly gone a direct hit the captain senators area from short fun leg they thought about the leg my leman was committed sent back by Martin he's waiting for his fate will be decided by woody kurtsyn the television umpire water blow this my son urges Orry a direct hit Darren Lehman has not made it creep and so another wicket goes down Australians now in the deep deep trouble fantastic effort from senators who hear the captain leading from the front here at position insult attack delegate fine position senator three and the signal is out from Marty partner and some more noise in the garden that clearly disgruntled Darrin women now leads the bill it's turning out to be one great effort from DISA London they're suffering yes no way to start in very late in coming back to the trees direct hit and that did the job father to London's one for not fifty-seven support Australian so four wickets for eight runs for sure they've set them right back the dewbacks penis Michael Devon known as the best finisher in the one-day game he's got to prove himself a start of the day he joins give me and Martin are surely in need of a revival in desperate need of a revival in the College of Arts now for a litter with them Geoff Lawson thanks Tony what a turnaround Chaminda Vaas steaming in in the middle of his second spell his first spell went to Rome didn't Bowl that badly let's roll incur more than right back in this there in the Box see now this is the end of Darren Lehmann who I think was called by Martin and then sent back which explains why he was livid it wasn't a layman's call anyway he and he's back to where the ball of God Jayasuriya with a direct hit and it's all going belly-up for Australia [Applause] the crowd of certainly found voice and that man on screen it becomes the bowling crease it's the Beagle trump card get to play [Applause] that's nicely time that's the glorious shot from Mardan that's a shot out of the first six overs it's been a long time since we've got a boundary hasn't quite silence the crowd the Orthodox shot Martin destroyed a site and the ride dazed indication that the pitch against the bold is quite frail is how far he's ever express making the length himself the vast value is normal good length but and the veterans being that far down and become slightly over pitching so wide of Birdman and Martin will come back for two comfortably just have a look at the baller went to four don't look at the ball look at the batsman's feet is way out of his ground just look at the pieces come out of the pitch they're the loose surface and that's indicative of the fact that for this pitch will turn we've seen turn already from aravinda just a little bit of looseness and dusting on the top no studs will only disperse the surface more [Applause] well the big rule around the ground is because of the change of bowling and it's because the man is off the litterin on with his off breaks the crowd at scene aravinda de silva turn the ball prodigiously they all know what this guy can do and if he gets as much turn out of the pitchers aravinda you have to pitch it to two strips away to get anywhere near the stumps got a bit of battle [Applause] Lansing's they're sweeping this moment this changes his mind before what it it's the one that goes the other way I mean Martin doesn't know it what's that the wrist book that for the Lakeside has gone the other way all in the air it's too short too wide and its well played by Martin chopped away for four why just let I will run away for four more but what is unsure about one that goes straight on and the big turning off we can see the pitch go out of our stuff this is going to be a big turning one jugu on where they're now this is the one at Paulie edge it's turning anyway not exactly sure how far we'll go top catches slipper what's why the splash is there that offer back foot they really do go quickly the police said beating everybody to come back over for the Australians 13 prom it 84 for if they feared most the Australians with a slow dry turning wicked must have been expecting it of course but it will come apart of the seams for them not a lot of practice coming into this game to very easy games they suddenly find themselves and the extreme pressure good shot displayed that late [Applause] handi boundary for the Australians not laying the Euro 88 for poor good shot from mark up Evan just waited for it and faded very late he's a man a backward point he played that light and that well he's got no chance good cricket as beautifully boiled cooked egg by some Guevara the lovely delivery tossed up getting turn beating them all ends up just landed short of where he anticipated Damien Martyn and that comes from good flight still no sweep shot it was a perfect length to play the sweep shot but there's no confidence fall down there were always a little bit worried about going across the line of the ball as he's under pressure good over immedi it's still 88 for 4 it's a big big crowd here today and I'm sure they'll be aware of the fact that this is the Silver's final over that scoreboard has it all see under the name the silver did that take the edge was a sound will run away to the boundary and it's gone off the outside edge calculated risk from Damien Martyn to try to open the blade to hit it square there's plenty of room but behind point and that's what he was looking for knowing that there's no slip there just gambled has been a regulation catch of course no one there gambling Martin and he's won no chance for the keeper really there was a big deflection who's the first boundary hit of our window DaSilva this is the money dispensed they won Matthew Haiti beaten in the flight it was pushed to a little quicker and pull up Nitori agenda director and therefore big trouble Russell Donald has done a magnificent job vo remember he's a right-hander he had to spin around take him and hit the stunts he's done exactly that if your feeling is he might've just snuck home but this is going to be very very close as a direct it always is close and he's gone he just short Damien Martyn brilliant piece of feeling from Russell Arnold way that Martin looked at it he thought he was home but he's not he's gone yet again a direct hit doing the trick Australia had lost half their side and thanks to a brilliant piece of fielding we pulled it out and so Delphi Damien Martyn involved in to run out one of Darren Lehman and now he himself is on his way huge wicked they didn't want to lose that Australia now they are really up against it what's the speaker feeling russiyana was on to it in the flash hit once come to a mat and he was dead accurate with little bullseye for Arnold Australia had lost half their side 28 for Martin 496 for five [Applause] in early days for him just 15 matches and he'll be up against something is not seen to open ball turning and jumping then round the bat and even now for micro bevel there's a silly point in a slip so end of a fine spell from Aravind editor look we'll get a picture from the entire Street London team and the crowd 10 overs 1 for 16 Australia 97 for five at the halfway stage where they have lost half their side 25 over still to go and they're in danger of being bowled out here with the ball turning certainly are saying Watson very new to the international state he wouldn't have seen much of the top of bowling that everybody rounded that in a one-day game and be a big test for him talk about all the professionalism in the Australian side and while the preparation which will come apart of the seams in this particular occasion – great one else stupendous building on my Sri Lanka typical thickly Aravinda you always run about the preparation of the Australians it's not therefore they weren't really tested in the postal games even when it came to balling it was the lesbian McGraw who's run to half the price when they look back at the last two games you might just drew the fact that they didn't give up some players in the middle order at the opportunity you get those runs against Bangladesh and we spoke about that Monday the game's not over we've seen twists and turns Kenneth Padma Santa has done the trick Michael if ever the party of Australia and that's what happens when you're a little bit nervous a little bit under pressure don't quite get it high enough you don't quite get it low enough and mr. Lincoln's on fire they filled it beautifully Russell Arnold a run out now catch da Messina gets his reward his second wicket Michael Bevan gone for 12 1976 [Applause] Shane Warne came out to one of the noisiest receptions you'd imagine there's a viewer should love-hate relationship for this man here the tremendous compared all the crowds know it yet at the same time we love getting the owners back and even Shane one will stop smiling when we presenter for me chain what [Applause] there we go or wicked magic 97 for 6 [Applause] Michael Bevan not sure whether they go over the top along the ground Midway and there was Russell Arnold a very good catch needed the boundary on the break the shackles Michael Devon but under pressure [Applause] nervousness in the Australian ranks we've had to run out already that just might have been a single Warren was willing to come down watson was going to the on strikers end [Applause] septum – deep backward squirrel a re Richards was on a while ago just as he left the some of the position didn't have chance to mention it on air but off air was saying well both these vascular just drifting right across their stumps merely will be aiming for next up if they leave it exposed raises the hundred for Australia rattled along with Gilchrist on Heydrich 49 for the first ticket now 156 [Applause] what you really should be doing is to look at applying more pressure on the Australian packing and trying to pick up another wicket here recruit delivery speaking doubt berlet on the wall there's one rhetoric side the off stop again oh you'll just have to watch that ball that goes the other way here's what happened against well load ball hitting lot said the off stop so you'll have to watch very carefully the ball that goes the other way from your liver and he pulls it very cleverly indeed one feels he's trying to set him up here because here's what happened in the opening match against Pakistan yes that was it was can I believe it was their self just shuttling a bit too much and think the penalty not reading that straighter one of Oliver so nearly haven't given him one yet I think he's one will know it's coming sometime he's just keeping him waiting there very clever bowler very literal and he is do but it is a bad speller Australia want to know to perform in there I'm gone Lutheran gets his first wicket from the sweetshop jayasuriya collect so very comfortable couch and Australia are seven down 407 I really was a huge makeup of Sri Lanka coming in at a very vital stage what sin was the type of person who might have been able to pull off failure off of the mark and he was a straighter delivery he didn't pick it up hitting it across the line and holding out very simple catch to the captain's on a tattoo here just look at the delight in his face and that chin Watson's gone for seven 177 Lecter record there suggests that is not exactly your average the Marine batsmen got a half century in one day internationals which is just over 16 but I don't think he would ever have come in with Australia 107 for seven this is a new experience for him 33rd over mr. Olympics applying the pressure they're two men hovering around it's really a question of survival here quickly when I shot just waited for it push it away and get to for it to get off the mark and in the over from your little 109 for seven [Applause] and that was the last big event both at the dot Watson swatting that delivery which went the other way with expecting the board has been into him and hitting us God and chest edge would about being a cache of slipper there's none desperate chase for beer deterrent but the ball will beat him again the pizza cube chap getting the outside edge the scene one wouldn't mind that shit's the loo being around dogs the tens of Sangakkara [Applause] not chance again this time the return isn't good twice they've hit the stumps not this time if they had this time who knows really went toward the lift of a bush and then you get to get it fraud slightly wide of Sangakkara you see the pressure those feelings are being now put into [Applause] direct hit even a throw over the stump state Sangakkara might have had brettly there for 13 to 7 and see that was why some that I couldn't get that one straighten he had to go wide and get into position initially and was off-balance when you threw you could see Jayasuriya shows the satisfaction I don't know what's in it just who here was straying out there but he just carried on this little query probably thinking that the Empire had given it as a no-ball I think the service party was the one outside [Applause] all of these put hesitation yes no a direct hit would have got Shane wanting trouble 39 o was gone 129 percent [Applause] quite sure whether they'd beaten the field especially that man is very quick he was gone direct hit he'd been able to gather it da Messina that would have been close as well as he can cut up on the risk to the poor play born lucky what I am or leader and coming back into the attack 6o was one for 18 for the off-spinner [Applause] good captain c6 inside the circle we're into the happy hour as they call it whilst turnovers but there's still six men inside the circle [Applause] brilliantly done excellent feeling there Marvin nut up I do it as being twing himself in there this is the thick in good said from the old nut at mid on hitting with the spin that was the one that goes straight on but Marvin ed if I do just trust out the left hand fielding has been brilliant from Srilanka no runs given away at all will that be given I think the angle was far too wide from outside the office and really for that to be a judged leg before but tremendous spin from what I'm more living this is not how to play avec defensive lookout what he is Britney I think was initially going to cut it if it's hit him on the inside of the leg I think what they watch it is said listen they're riveting almost at a right angle this create ability of madam we're going to hit the stumps from every angle I think this is where he's so brilliant I ball was almost pulled wide and then came back and got him in half otherwise moved on a cut Murli the e-signal gives up it is turning always a bit more preferable to go with the spin but they're not quite sure which way it's going that's the problem for the lower order trying to survive out there a wonderful over from a family than 41.1 thirty five to seven there you see that very good start in the first five overs and wicked fail and ever fallen regularly 20th or world being the best of the inning so far 13 runs coming in that over as soon as have done really with four wickets monster matzah not the silver moly [Applause] well the only person who was tried to employ the sweep shot has been shane warne surprised that a lot of the top order that's been good enough for it Bob always that easy but if you can get your foot outside the line every opportunity of playing it does make the bowler think a little bit more pull marks to the sri lankan bowlers and spot-on with the length let's clear that nicely but straight to endure what is good about this sri lankan attack specially the spinners that they all different there must inner and event that DaSilva the two off spinners but absolutely different i'm recognized flatter more the little round arm our vendor is technically extremely good goes from closer to the stumps then they've got Mulligan was wonderful of variety it's not a much with the bat bread beat sports some hammy runs down the lower order most times he comes in with a few overs to go and obviously a reasonable score on the board this has been a different sort of innings and he keeps indicating it is turning what will he do with the ball young man new cutters Bulldogs will give Shane one swipe back 22 of us gone 138 percent get to there nicely executed soup shot shuffling across and getting to the pitch all these batsmen a little too worried driving morally through the fellow because of the extravagant spin that he can extract from that area watching five balls for his 22 jump going the other one the sweeter one and just adjusted in time stuffing a bit Warnock I've had some easy game this is the one you can see comes out the front of the hand disguise the other way so Nigeria will be disappointed let that one go single at the last fall of that movies over 43 gone 141 Pacific the eight wicked partnership of 41 between Lee and one is the best yet forget again Sri Lanka struggling say more blowing I used to the heat and there's Chandan ah he's played his part all the spinners are played their part not very confident Shane one driving the border with the spin sure where they can reach to the pitch of the balls because there's enough spin whaling to trouble the batsman when you're even inches away from the pitch of the delivery there is a very keen in sweeping the ball playing across the line that should be an easier option one-fifty Australia in a hard grind we would have thought that then we made the struggle so hard after the first 50 games just 46 balls one do these two have done the right thing need to give them some sort of competitive title were in danger of being bowled out 400 under 122 held it together it's a nice ride from Brickley when it's red the chain one is struggling looking to come back for the second it'll be close it will turn out fails to connect that one first real mistake that would have been an easy run-out in fact I think Shane Warne had given it up a shot almost dr. Phil and then Chaminda Vaas and Chandon I was so busy looking at the ball he wasn't sure where Warren was Warren had almost given it up and dropped the catch and we'll sort the keepers ended to attempt to run up missed a couple of chances gone down in that over forty six overs gone 152 / 7 and this is a boat to us after they should have been a run out and when paying attention genderless should have been behind the stumps for the run out and then immediately dr. Ketchum [Applause] don't have all the overs very quickly really if you look at the boiling side it's been dominated by spin [Applause] [Applause] Bohdan humble good enough for brekkie ever supposed to pick up iphone idea and then not quite the length to attempt to cut shot clicker for the one Emily I am scoring out goes behind point back the way they cut it and it looks fairly happy these days maybe took two wickets as well brettly goes a very valuable 18 of 38 balls australia i stagger on to 153 break Jason Gillespie the toll pass baller comes out to the middle so good partnership broken [Applause] for tyria best of 26 but no real credentials with a back [Applause] so they won't take 9.6 at the moment in Galicia ten from him and a few more from watering you get that up to 180 that's a glimmer of hope in this going but being the Sri Lankan Spears been outstanding and here was the last week at the pool very flat for brief leave chillin on the leg stump [Applause] still just pulled it inside the circle with a scratching the antenna let's get the resisting any temptation to performing inside these I'll come up with a single that's what he wanted other stage try and give as much of the strike as possible to one so there would be happy with another twenty five runs from here okay one stage looked as if she left home I pulled in poultry score under 150 [Applause] just a single 1:55 parade we always remaining [Applause] once then I just final over good figures that's what struck he's get a boundary for that [Applause] long gone was a little too wide and one aspect to spot is that one off along on our wide and limit is fairly straight since we shot attempt I don't see the boob is on any thread is long off the gap around along on so please face straightly on the ground and he's one of the bread competitors chain one he would realize that gleam luck enjoy boarding on the silvers instead all this could be crucial while still able have even a glimmer of hope you need to put up a total on the board one-eighty might seem an easy target for Sri Lanka which we've seen what can happen under pressure in that last game between India and South Africa [Applause] now listen it just about a finished in spelt the 30 at the moment was this high school remain no changed the field inside but that's the poor men and those behind there we go back on the edge of the circle so Gluck spelt to authority from 10a 160 feet and he goes for the big one is not quite time did Sri Lankan balling dominated by spin normally at this stage of innings you see the past ball is rolling 7 overs for what and two overs for gunarathne 9 overs of phase falling the rest all spinners I will let the fill what a surprise Mac at the 10 overs and 1 for 16 [Applause] the other Fielding's been outstanding from Srilanka they've moved well they've picked up the ball have attacked at the hem away to the ball to get to them and they're thrown well very few x4 understated by the Australians today come down the neck died something you don't see too often and Shen Juan is waiting for long terms of conquer it was a good take by Santa Clara it's a great take closing to go is the third mile going up who early curtain and we'll get a good look at it right out there miles away has to bring it back and gets their daddy – poor piece of work so does fine house typical is to take the ball down the legs like turning across about smooth body good call a wide about that is magnificent work you sleep do the job in speaking there and then the hands follow superb stuff contain Takara so the finger goes up yet again mine down Austria useful hand from cane 146 169 balls with no support blah blah excellent work nice take takes the stumps off all noise is gone very useful hand 36 one six two four nine [Applause] Glen McGraw the last man out for the Australians 162 for nine and yet again I'm still the on this pyramidical stadium pitch lowest score here 184 96 last hand lift 1899 they just fought over 200 – all the over-applied of molybdenum to go to the defense of John McGraw and Australia handled out for 152 what wonderful couple would buy this for Lincoln's after that disaster start when Australia away you eat it over made some changes bought the skinners on early have a final look at felt when McGraw through the gate to the air on that one trying to attack small different pieces with three three to twenty six of his nine point four overs a very small total by the Australians cricket is about to go x three minutes under the roof look floodlights at the Millennium Stadium indoor cricket has arrived NASA say leaves the bridge while the rest of the world includes a host of international stars from past and present I did that one skillful action bigots and pure excitement 63 they need to win at a rate of three point two six runs per over let's see how they got on and this is even on the pad with Carol straightaway well this'll be Royals fixing that line with leg stock went on I would imagine [Applause] upstairs goes the call well I think he's asking about the height brand-new ball a little bit of extra bounce but it is a slow week and he's been consulted that a pitch in line would be one question was it too high is the other and what till he pitches in line and will either shortly jayasuriya just above the knee role will certainly be close really kuching the third umpires now look at the height and it's going to be the telling fact up when it is very close not out [Applause] your affiliate straight supervising tell me what when he hit that they say hit that is flash book the middle and the strongest area of precise jayasuriya so they're gambling on him playing outside there Matthew Hayden just had to fall away to his left and couldn't do it in time and he's a brilliant fielder the dried beef all the bills in square on the offside like four runs of the last wallets over 25 for now it solutely smashed away that's his area bull fighting the drug is in the air for a little way for Ricky Ponting absolutely no chance nor did any other fielder for that matter [Applause] although webbie's been sides on that no referral partly looks at his that it sounded like two noises I just think my initial reaction was there was a little inside edge maybe it was about hitting a pad because he was very light on that I refer [Applause] first going out the back with lovely startled before so like as good doctor who's good at words with that and lots of it the media part must be played this is as good as you can play a forcing shot of the back foot stand so I left our both good placement everything classic [Applause] – oxide then liquid and just really lucky this quality backing from the material given galette you'll be disappointed because it was the three decent is delivery considering that ricky ponting at the felix of this kind of a ball that's how well it's over that one it's just a little early to avoid the finger that pointed ricky ponting where we've hit the fifteenth in 7,000 on his way so far chefs while between look guess his hands to it but doesn't stick wanting will demand diving to his left scaling the fingertips that has been gone australia's way today Ricky Ponting one of the very best and look at this tremendous effort driving full-length left-handed try would have been a fantastic catch very athletic Ricky Ponting [Applause] there's no fine leg well as wide misty pointing isn't happy about the progression his point of view of which there was a hint of swing first livery fault came back and also no gesture we had to do was too late away because there's no cushion there are no fielder there quickly [Applause] take that the 50 comes up with Sri Lanka and what a shot to bring up the 50 would [Applause] fine shot this was heard out to the pitch of the ball and finds the gap on the offside what I think Shane won wanted him to drive and he took up the challenge tonnage Assyria like he's been doing great job with innings there's a little bit of wrist Rock that's created on the left hand is often how well he stretched to get to the pitch and beautifully placed using it against the spin a Picasso joins the party with a glorious cover drive this is my bomb another four plays such a wiper supportive role to the captains and of jayasuriya and that again glorious or the trademark doctor which is well known for that really brings the crowd or to its feet just look at this perfectly balanced and that software will very much in control play to perfection [Applause] golly what a great delivery from Shane wall the street one a little bit quicker and it's completely defeated Joe sûreté that is brilliant bowling from Warren what a stunning delivery by Shane Warne getting that ball to click through and does who they're playing for turn which wasn't there and bling right inside it having it thumbs knocked off and chin one that must have given him through knowin he certainly is delighted as it would see on Excel so they're fine not coming to an end 42-6 is one for one [Applause] so far off the mark in style I think it was a great shot by summer Farah he was pretty quick game to position it's essentially someone who stays on the back foot and on this frickin particular that's what helped him great deal but well into position scribbled himself around and am addicted to that record area brettly not bowling at full pace and the pictures and providing an awful lot of help for it but still a good shot pulled in from the square [Applause] all drop it's gone so quickly off flying top edge but pain couldn't cling on the other splashes usually stick we don't and in really waiting for the Nick and that's really flew at him though your hands really need to be in the right position at the right time that's good hit Hayden you don't even have time to react it drops another two into now that one should have been caught there's no question they're never easier to slip off a spinner but that's as regulation as they come yeah hidden nothing come certainly should have grabbed that one and that does the first black but blue and this is the next that's an easier one sort of he was anticipating expire and that it'll blow down [Applause] so through the covers before nice with clergy Philemon that nicely met my son guitarra the spanking dry by Sanger far or getting up the Twitter feed so that would have given him any momentum out of confidence hammered away that is the right type of shot to play on a stick like this getting up to the pizza beef [Applause] then burns for nine of the older so anka going along swimmingly no giveaway [Applause] foldaway Aloha Sangha car I have to wait it and wait for it and then hammer it to midwicket before time to through the outside he had to whipped on it trying acara stretched out and drove it through the covers for another boundary this thing aggressively he's been ready well Sangakkara 100 is raised 24 off just 22 deliveries and that is before Thank You Cara Tony up or his captain lift off times in defensive in support Ebro and a left-handed they're finally shot now did he get hurt on to that he did seem very excited to come back for to umpire Steve but law is saying nothing and it was an edge and therefore a drop catch and Australia I've dropped a few tonight well once again the lacquers been women's biggest ally really getting ready that this is the glove the best possibility the back that's a fine shot nicely stroke to the outside hello boundary bosom Baqarah that's a classic player when he gets going some Baqarah using the crease world getting packing across that's gone to find square drive for my other buddy we longer inch close up the Australians haven't been able to keep us we like and subscribe to every opportunity they've got they picked a brand that was rarely driven and again the placement was fine we have been very good square of the wickets and again other parts are doing just that Spears cut away positioned beautifully by Sangakkara this is the classic gutshot Kumar Sangakkara has cleared attractive cricket in listenings lovely cut shots and this one probably the best of the lot on top of this one plenty of time really to play that four balls don't perform now well waited for by Sangakkara that will give Phil McGraw something to grumble about the thirties shake of the head is not happy because Tamar Sangakkara has rated slow delivery very nicely indeed in position literally then check this drive and then we Elijah's with the store delivery went through with the shot to the gap if we mid off and cover [Applause] gone now that'll please McGraw he's got the wicked at last Sangakkara has just got a thin edge through the Gilchrist but it's all come too late for Australia Sri Lanka are almost home and dry those Kumar Sangakkara was looking a million dollar laying a little across the lane and looking to play to work John played with the closed phase of the back pain egg straight to Adam Gilchrist made no mistake gone after playing a wonderful inning 48 of 63 volt 142 or to Sri Lanka the inside edge past the FIFA before now unlucky are you as a bowler when that happens four runs he's wearing a big glasses Adam Gilchrist even with those big glasses he couldn't fight the ball more frustration for Glynn Megrahi Marvin attaboy – survives that set of 30 is 50 it's come off 109 balls and it's been the bedrock of this Sri Lankan victory March yes a real cornerstone products a lump in my batting lineup Marvin utter photo is clear quite beautifully getting it 50 in great stylee a lovely drive to the off side great balance and so cashing in on a very good form you've got a hundred and the last game and now's a perfect 50 against the Australians in a crunch match McGraw think us out that was the nun in charge and he says now [Applause] Steve Buckner with luck and taupe you think that it's not close enough must think it's gone too much remains must think it's nipping down the Lakeside McGraw Riggs distraught [Applause] new things to say to himself in swing no encourage I thought it was mighty close a short case for a referral came back very sharply sharply and Marvin a turpitude their taken on the backward by making Glenn magrav in Sangha he was very short he just kept on going thinking that the Empire will give that in his favor what about this one then Steve it yeah yeah I think that thou the smile the north and the fingers raised after party was gone it could have been two into four McGraw so Sri Lanka lose the third wicket in sight of the finishing post Marvin at Africa could have been just a little side because it were the tide shot there once again caught on the back foot and this time the Empire had no education although before was taking a little bit of height but absolutely sure was Glenn McGrath and so wasn't positive of Ngong after playing a very good innings of 51 164 three cylinder that's through the gap that could be the two little ankeny – taken into the ICC Champions Trophy final it is so alone to win and they win convincingly by 7 wickets with 10 overs to spare that is a top win by Sri Lanka over Australia yes it absolutely was a top wind by Frank


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