yeah whatever one roofer here and today we are trying to get to 6000 trophies inside clash Royale if you guys look here I am literally one win away from Champions League 7 and that is what we are going to go for today as well we have some chests to open we have this legendary chests ready to open as a view board we also have a giant chest and in the shop we actually do have some special offers so I really hope you guys enjoy this video if you do make sure you guys leave a like leaving a like always really helps out the videos plus I hear a little rumor that you guys get legendary cards after like in the video smash that like button and see if you guys can get a legendary card yourself I get a ton of these comments so try it see if it works you have nothing to lose also if you guys could subscribe that'd be awesome I'm fine you forever delay let's hop into this here so we're going to start off with a legendary chest you guys can see here I got it for climbing paths 5900 trophies on ladders so we are going to press collect it it's going to do the amazing animation that I love so much and we're going to see what we're going to get and it's an inferno dragon not the best not the worst I'll take it we also have a giant chest to open here I've just been saving this so now seems like a good time to open it we get a skeleton army from it so that's ready above average a bomb tower some Giants no boos and finally royal hogs actually a really good giant chest I needed a lot of those cards and the deck we are going to be using is actually a golem deck this deck is doing really well for me and like I said I'm going to hopefully get to 6000 trophies with it so let's go into a game here and see if we can do it okay we are up against a dark goblin he's a level 12 which is a good sign but he probably still has max cards it just means his towers are a little bit easier to take out we're going to go with a lumberjack ax to counter this hog rider is going to get one hit on the tower without some amazing he plays gods that's whatever my Lumberjacks are going to chop away at them a bit oh okay a foible for my mega meaning I'm going to zap the gods I don't want them poking my tower now we do have tornado in this deck just for hog riders and planning a night wish at the back here this is justice iku I'm gonna go with a golem of the bird this is going to incentivize him to put stuff near his Tower just so he can poison and get that poison value he plays a mega Knight where she's just so aggressive but it worked I guess we now have to deal with a mechanoid wishes he iikes but we had a good value poison we might do some tower damage playing a mega mean here for this mega Knight and he plays a hunter I don't see a lot of hunters going to tornado the hog rider to my King tower and this hunter will do some damage to me I just had to accept that damage but we should be okay we're putting a baby dragon down in the middle here this is just going to go straight for the furnace he puts down the dark goblin as well the dark goblin played himself literally okay we're going to put down a mega me and I don't want to go with a golem this guy has this push ready pretty much and I just don't want to walk into a trap like this so we're going to tornado with this backwards as where does that looks and okay he's got the tower that's why no we're gonna take out this hunter hopefully and we're going to take out the mega Knight and we're going to hopefully respond by taking his tower in return step one is good we took out the mega Knight and the hunter takes a fire boo that's kind of bad but it's okay at the same time we don't need to get through right here I'm literally Bridge spamming him at this point come on we did it a lot closer than I would've liked but we did do it here simple tornado just get it away my mega mean I put down to hit the hog rider and it also distracted the dog goblin wishes amazing perfect placement now he has got a hunter and gods coming towards me so I'm going to put down a poison just to hold him up a bit you're supposed to have the furnace in the middle what we're going to do is just on the jacket the mega nice distracted it looks like he will go down and he does the dark goblin doesn't do too much and he does play another hunter and hog rider combo so we're going to tornado this away again hunter will get distracted on my golem stop the hog rider from getting too many swings in on my tower going to go well baby dragon here just to help out against the gods and lumberjack go take out the furnace this is a tough game is very back and forward we're waiting for him to make a mistake and he's waiting for us to make a mistake going to poison that take out the dark Goblin and the hunter once again we just tornado mega minion this hog rider and him I'm going to be cheeky this could backfire it did not that's perfect me being cheeky actually paid off cool him off god he really was not expecting that going to poison here the HondaJet destroyed the column but it's okay we managed to get some good tower damage in there is a minute left of this game playing the Nightwish at the back then we're going with a mega menu protons furnace that's amazing that means he no longer has furnace in cycles so we can't put down a golem here and he's go probably mega night soon I'm guessing yep there's the mega night I made sure not to give him mega night value going to just tornado this all together making sure it all goes to the tower and he drove wasted off fireball forty seconds left of the game let's see if we can do it here we are just going to go in with a lumberjack mega minion baby dragon combo it didn't quite work maybe it did going to go over golem and he actually managed to counter my goal in that time put down a poison the game ends soon so it looks like this is going to be a draw I really don't want to draw dude come on give me the win on one poison away that's unfortunate GG to my opponent a very intense game we're going into another one okay so we are into a game and this guy just decides to psychic who skeleton is the right way so Hawks psycho is on the card we also may be thinking he's Expo those are the two main decks that comes to mind when it comes to fall cycling but now I see a lightning okay yes Hawk Hawk lightning weird combo bow will work tornado for the hog rider baby dragon for the bats and mega minion an okay star out how it took a lot damage I'm okay with this we're going to play a lumberjack I don't feel comfortable doing a golem yet and he actually has a bowler as well interesting interesting were slowly working out this guy's deck he's going to probably try to hog vitami soon I almost gave him amazing lightning value that could have been so bad I knew keep in mind he has it okay but we are going to go with a golem now he was just very aggressive on our tower yup he sent in fog void with some bats just going to zap away the bats hog riders going to get tornado and our tower is looking good golem going down the lane pretty much full health he hasn't Inferno tower that's what you hate to see he has a bowler and an inferno tower we're going to play a night where sure just again playing it slowly I did it I gave him the best lightning value you will ever see I'm an idiot okay here we're going to stop the bowler at the bridge that's just so he can hogrider me as easily and if he does my tower will lock onto the bowler instead it will always lock onto that hog rider like that actually a successful push my baby dragon is on the tower doing the damage again we're just going to lumberjack this bubbeleh and I gave I gave him the best lightning value again I need to stop doing this I'm so used to doing it so it's really hard to break a habit but I need to stop if I want to win this game going to zap the bats tornado the hog rider and it doesn't get swing it almost did okay we're not going to give him that amazing lightning value again three times it's too many but it does get that but that's okay I'll take that one baby dragon is on the tower doing some Splash Damage again we're just going to zap the bats use a tornado for the hog rider and he gets a hit that time no that's bad go and move a column at the back this is our game-winning push here he's going to light in my tower and probably the knight which if he does that's fine we're going to play a lumberjack of font so it takes the heat of the inferno tower and when it goes down there's a big revenge spell Inferno tower now locked onto the column but of course I just zapped the Inferno tower doesn't do anything here easy tornado away and this is looking like a good game we just need breakthrough we are so close he's saving up for that lightning spell and we do take the game there good game so who I gave that guy so many value lightnings that was a bit crazy but we do do it we get to 6000 trophies and there we go a new league is reached we get it gets speed boosting but we are now in Champions League as the deck once again the season ends in eight days so I can still climb up more highest trophies or the trophies I am at now and once again we have my client – me up I appreciate you guys but to celebrate it we are going to reward ourselves here with a legendary Kings chest so our purchase is set let's see what we get from this legendaries Kings chest of courses is like a present to myself I guess our first pick here is between mirrors or three spells were going to pick mirrors next up is going to be goblin cages or heroes we're going to go with a goblin cage then we have royal recruits or goblin gang we're going to go with the recruits earthquake or furnaces we're going to pick earthquakes we then get five executioner's or goblin boughs we're going to go with the Goblin boughs 18 Packers or giant skeleton everyone uses Packers so that's definitely the pic and finally our legendary card we are once again going to get to see this awesome animation is the choice between a lumberjack or Sparky we use lumberjack in my column deck so it has to be that one and over ooh that's an amazing chest accrue animation as well to top it off and oh I really hope you guys have enjoyed this video if you have make sure you guys leave a like of course subscribe if you have not already it was really intense getting to 6000 trophies I'm not going to lie but with 8 days left of the season we could make it to grand champion Royal champion or even ultimate champion only time will tell so yeah make sure you guys take care brush your hair and peace out


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