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shaaka how did the conversations go with Kanye when he used your song through the fire on through the wire very differently than the song turned out obviously really well you were not happy with that song you were not know how insulting stupid that is Chaka Khan Oh watch what happens live throwing shade at Kanye for sampling her song and through the sampling her song through the fire she gave him permission but was not crazy with the end result if you give someone the rights to your song are you allowed to criticize them sure right first of all I didn't realize Chaka Khan and Nicki Minaj look like twins Oh Nicki Minaj they look like when she's old it's amazing we're not right all the street men are like yeah you got Khan Chaka Khan is a legend and I sometimes have a hard time saying this about alleged and I said it about Dionne Warwick you can't be the one to criticize and cause something stupid and also be the first one at the bank to cash in on it it's like if you thought it was stupid why did you perform with Kanye West in 2005 at the VMAs you could have been like oh no this is not my pain this in 2004 and then she performed the song with Kanye in 2005 Wow I think shock is just at the point in her life where she thinks and she's right people should respect her but back then you did sign that over you said it was okay he couldn't go there without you in my opinion there's no sorry there's no disrespect here because he loved Chaka Khan when he went through it remembered the whole the jaw issue with Kanye laying in the hospital he would go to Chaka Khan music it got him through till tonight through the wire yes exactly exactly thank you and you know I got I got to say it comes from a good place Kanye's coming from a good place I know a legend may say well no one can do it like me it's a little hard when she hears that song me because she's like well she won't be my boy maybe that's where it comes from I don't think Konya did it wrong at all I mean I do love to Kanye's yeah and her voice is like you know auto-tune and sped up and higher and so I can see someone you know maybe taking that as an insult but you also don't want him to just regurgitate your song you know like you let him have his own twin put it some kind of yeah they're onto it so she has the right to criticize him but I'm kind of with you it's like why now why how many years later I can't do the math that's early if she would have given him the okay and then came out and criticized them without doing that performance I'd be like okay that's not his opinion but you can't again you can't just cash the cheque and be like it's stupid but I maybe asked her said like well did you get some coin off that she's like what was the song again yeah yeah I did all right well at least you got some coin for it Isis Quincy Jones age that all these divas hit where they don't care they could just say what they want to say and I'm loving life that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling break in Hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on YouTube will keep you pop-culture see you soon

  • It stupid but she sang it with him s few times. I like her but she annoying asf.. He did the song justice..

  • she didn’t say the entire SONG was stupid ! She just didn’t like how he made her vocals sound high pitched like a chipmunk 🙄y’all are reaching! Chaka is literally one of the FIRST singers to do fuse hip hop & r&b into one song with her 1984 Grammy award winning song “I Feel For You” do your research people!

  • They asked the question she answered the question secondly their you people are not journalist you know nothing about the entertainment business she had a agreement with the VMA Awards what they do this prior to the people coming to the show she was sick at the time do you homework

  • chacka needs to shut up and change her diapers, she's too old to understand what sampling is., kanye did a great job

  • I Love her song when I was a child my mom used to dance to it and Love his version. Come on Chaka, it is good.

  • I agree with Justin. That Kanye money must have ran out so now she gotta turn against him 😂 I love Chaka but she’s probably going through a memory loss or something cause that performance is out there forever and it didn’t seem stupid to you then 🤣🤣

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