Celine Dion Will Go On | Nightly Pop | E! News

[Applause] okay let's start with the best combat the Joe Broz are the obvious choice but there are three people and that's just not fair to us at night so we're giving the best comeback to someone who's almost as crazy as it is our favorite c-word say it with me I don't want to bet mmm we go camping like sniffing glue now but I like a good time she's just doing a little helium again busted one low what she has I could use that on a good Monday he was that all right now I'm sure could really use it I'm overdosing on whatever she's taking right now I'm on the downswing my voice sounds like this I'm a little sick I started following a Jessica Biel's medical advice want more nightly pop you know what to do yeah just send us your nudes no don't do that just subscribe to our news YouTube channel for highlights and bonus content will have a new upload every Monday night so you can catch up on everything yeah and just to be clear are they sending nudes or not I wasn't following Oh God


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