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I just started with watching and familiarizing myself learning as much as I could about her every magazine every videotape every behind-the-scene we can get from her family any Home Videos and there was a lot of Tears on the set too you know you have to realize there was a lot of emotions you know Selena had just passed away it's only two years now in a situation like that you can't help but bond with all the people that around you and we were close to begin with and then getting to know her family Selena's family and what they were all about and learning about their loss and feeling that it was all very intense just all the performance stuff that we did the lip-syncing and all of that I approached it from the point of actually learning to sing like her and the style she did what she actually really liked to sing and what she really got off on eat all those ingredients in the pot and boom you know then you have people saying wow this is so much like good they say you look like her when in reality I'm sitting right here in front of you you know I don't anything like her it wasn't about that it was about being like her being her look-wise you know I had to dye my hair she had black hair and she wore bangs and she wore her hair straight a lot she was very specific style showed what she had she was sexy but she was never vulgar and I think that's what I loved about her I had a great time wearing all those costumes one of the huge appeals of me and one of the reason she was so hugely popular it was because she didn't change herself you know sometimes when you turn on Spanish television you see a lot of this one with their hair dyed blonde and all this stuff you know and Selena wasn't like that she would stand up there and you would look up at her and if you were Latin in the audience you'll go that's me that's me up there that's what I look like she was just herself and that was enough and it was enough to get her there so you look up and you go I could do that too you know and that's what role models and all that whole thing is all about [Applause] [Applause] when I came into the stadium you know I didn't know how I was gonna be accepted it was like a week into shooting that we shot that big scene and when I walked in and they all started screaming they were screaming Selina but they were screaming Jennifer – you know you feel that love and there was a huge amount of love in that audience it's 3,000 people in there and you know my mom is by the monitor with Marcela Selena's mother and they're watching it as she says somehow it's like watching my own daughter up there again it's incredible and of course you know they were hugging and crying and there was a huge loss but the movie is not about that it's about the celebration of what her life was like and what she touched so many people why she was such an inspiration to so many people it's a happy movie but then you know it has a sad ending in a greater sense of loss is so tragic and it hits you so hard in this film because you really get a sense of the feeling of this family and then you see how much she meant to everybody else all her fans and the millions of people that she touched while she wasn't even think she realized him not only were they were reliving everything but they were actually getting to see me dressed up as her acting like her saying things she was said living emotional parts of their life difficult times in their lives fights they had and you know for joys they had – but those joys make you cry too [Applause] everything was just so heightened on this set because of that the reason that we were making the film which is because she wasn't there it definitely got hard at times they're wonderful people they're very loud family very much what you see on the screen every videotape I ever watched them from their own video cameras all stuff his stuff that we pulled from them that we put on the screen everything was true they were very young at that time you know they were younger they got married when she was 20 you know so that was a couple of years before there was a youthfulness about it that was funny you fit right in he's a great actor and he did a great job as Chris and we had a good time working together what are you doing that song is enough whoo they can't make food out of me you know Selena didn't know she was gonna die it was all of a sudden out of the blue I had to play it that way alive because that's the way she lived her life she lived her life for every moment she was a very happy person and she was a jokester she was enjoying her life she worked with her family she had her husband I think she would have been really happy I think one of the things about this movie and what it made me realize is that you never know what's gonna happen and you need to live your life the way you want to live it don't leave things for tomorrow because you just never know what's gonna happen what's that the movies come out who knows what's gonna happen I mean I couldn't be luckier I'm a very lucky person


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