Cedric The Entertainer 'Rappin' Bout Death" Now On Hulu

it was better though I like that little music back then it was better than what I call the dark years like when being no Biggie and Tupac died I ain't like that year all that death about rapping about death they got died they gotta be dead in a mug I could die the hill is dead to brag about nigga I'll be died like a muhfucka dead Tupac died like air three records you listen to him if I died a knife nigga I'll be dead so homie don't page me cuz I'm already T I'm like damn Park don't die dog don't die man lady wonder why they rap about deaf like that then you know I started you know I analyze and realize that they talking about you know things issues that they live in with things that's happening I had to understand that I'm a grown-ass man I got problems I got issues I got stuff make me wanna die sometime I mean not literally you know figuratively little things you know you're walking then you get up in the middle of the night going to the bathroom player and still your damn toe on the end of the bed come on now catch a minute pain right they don't make you wanna lay down call them own up let's go Jesus father let's go this the one right here I can't do it I can't Calgon somebody take me away that's all I'm saying I can't I can't stay right here not right how did you get here think I'm just saying you get up in the morning frying you some bacon and eggs that damn baking grease grease jump up Friday on your hand come on player you can't imitate the one right there Jesus let's go that's the one let's let's make it I gotta go whoo oscillate them production


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