Cedric The Entertainer Prince "Ass Out" Pants The Kings of Comedy

I'm glad to be her that's been st. Louis sent me them to capitalize being anything yeah I'll be her write her this y'all got some nice music it's a musical town right here some night music come out of here me like French French Prince a bad boy though Prince I had some jams there he has of jams that test your blackness – he has some jams make you ask coming you'll be harder the motherfucking elephant who working all day at a five-and-dime boss will mr. McGee raspberry beret that's a wild land star right there oh no and I like it he take chances as a stock fer one have some a sour pants every boy has some damn pants with the ass out you got to be Prince to have them pants on you can't be no hair damo with your mole you can't be at the gas station me let me get three dollars on pump fake ass just out nigga ass nigga the grocery store now frozen foods is where our folk ass ass out you get church at communion humming insomnia bad new ass out ass he had to get them plans made cuz you got to think about it pants don't come with the ass out so at some point in prison life his ass was in the three-way mirror up on the Box talking to his tailor picking yet he's nice right here dog they just need something they just need some oh I mean I like the sequins and anything I like the sequins and the glitter the glitter nice I like the glitter oh no man I know what why don't you cut the ass out these for me that's armed Iraqis with all the whole ass out


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