Cedric The Entertainer Presents- Jingle Fever

the healthy those trying creating these tasty apple juice great we'll get back with you was the last guy that was the last time all right so what do you guys think we ought to go in together with jingle people but we are actually out whatever we're not writing jingles we're working for singles down at the Third Street Promenade but you know what I think that's great but you don't have an appointment so I think you should leave oh come on now foxy mama give a struggling musician opportunit in a turn that's mama out alright you got two minutes that's all we need to drop a sweet dangle on y'all here you know if there's one thing I know white folks like more than apple juice is skinny girls sang about pain and no lying alone that one I said we were looking for something a little bit more upbeat so you got something so offbeat this down here don't make up all the crazy that was really nice actually we we're looking for something a little younger yummy you should make the call we all get on up later y'all validate


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