Cedric The Entertainer "Old Folks Choir" Kings of Comedy Tour

true you like man I'm going in get on up going oh dear you don't even make it do you you go this is Sunday right here man I'm alright my clothes on Saturday that way I can just hop right on up don't oniy you don't make it do you you finally do go and be Easter like everybody else me I'd be second Sunday y'all know the second Sunday is old folk wire now keep it real with me I'm gonna keep it real with you don't nobody really want to be there old folk wire dude it I mean you'd be on your way in and here I'm singing me like y'all are leaving damn it's old folk wire man well when he's going up yonder today man cuz they be hitting them hams long drawn out where my Gina's I yeah brood of a brood of Brewed of us in biggie be in there trying to stay up and give me a peplum in or something in a need some time there fool you know you know black people got skills like that will take a secular song song right off the radio and making a church song put a few old Lords hammers of Jesus up in there turn it into a church song I went in this church to like a couple of weeks ago the second Sunday ohoo folk wire may be coming on in had a little robe song you know sister Johnson sister Wilhemina green [Applause] sister green we ain't no real straight you know [Applause] they were singing shoot the Whitney Houston working it out sister green right up front everyone follow some tan don't know the words just making up shit you bank I'm wrong well I think I'm bad singing shoot shoot shoot shoo be do my love [Applause]


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