Cedric The Entertainer "Kings of Comedy" "Gay Day"

you know I've talked about the gate day I'm living in LA now from sailu but you know Smith Wesson just straight one way or the other but la just got it you know they'd be whoo lot of fruity cocoa pebbles man I people can do they thing far as I'm concerned but you know they be marching trying to get gay day you know I'll tell my where you get gay day off nigger they got legislation going and I mean brush you know us we take any damn day off but that's a hard when they explain right there and they got a baby you go to work that day to come in and next day all your partner's looking at you why was you off yesterday dog I was see you would seek me yesterday was gate agent nigga yo ass is gay we plan they got all kinds of stuff out there in LA they passed a law where people with you a transvestite you can dress up and go to work like that just go you know and you know I don't care you know do your thing but that's just you know you will catch me off guard you don't be a ring ding dong UPS just leave leave it out there dog bang ding dong roto-rooter now I'm just going to use this liquid plumr it's cold player don't eat you


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