Cedric The Entertainer "I'd Be On Fleek If I Won The Lottery"

pottery try to get on who wants to be a meaning I'm gonna call some of y'all – don't be putting me on the three-way you black people can't go and then show that's why I ain't never had it could we be using all kinds and stuff call ID who are dead I'll know that when he called you want to call a friend long he calling me I don't even know dance we won't even answer the phone be hooking people up hold on call me call him on the three-way we see a sheen oh hey Regis we're tripping man I've been playing the lottery no cuz you see no people win the lottery they had them big lotteries to boy lands couple of years they be like two hundred million dollars oh come on man two hundred million I'm trying to win their – boy couldn't if I want I keep it real y'all to know I'm true Cadillac tight player old school Cadillac tight brother I ain't gonna be fronting I'm putting most of it in the bank you know stocks bonds what-have-you mutual funds okay I ain't dumb but to let you know I'm keeping it real true Cadillac tight player I'm gonna have about 36 pounds any cash on me all in a rubber band all just doing regular everyday life stuff at the gas station and let me get uh let me get a pack of Newports in two mo lottery tickets and then give me three now go ahead and make it fo Tyler's on papi


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