Cedric The Entertainer "First Day Of School Clean" Kings of Comedy

you helped see somebody with that look at when ain't gamble way too much you see him they be headed back today room with this one right uni winning dog see ain't going good Mike I liked it a lot of a good time with some pills city to boy Russ be clean they'll be sharp dog back there Shaw set up little red tile didn't like a clean boy didn't know first day of school clean what's up be kind of brother be over your house even barbecue like this you can't get nothing on itself maybe Church fashion show clean you know see somebody brother Johnson is weighing entirely too much white way after Labor Day man I wasn't feeling good dog and I was trying to you know get healthy but I was scared take some some that cough syrup y'all cause cough syrup is the new crack I don't know what's wrong but crush cough syrup got people going crazy I know the little girl lost her Olympic gold medal because she was on Koster couple weeks ago somebody on Southwest Airlines just tried to break into the pilot cabin and everything nickels don't call syrup I don't mess around it cost sir you know who owned that call sir – you know who else on that call sir Mike Tyson Michael may goddamn call syrup man you tell me I don't care your kids up I'll eat all of them I'll tell your culture of having you act like that Mike know who else when they call sir Bobby Brown like a Bobby and Whitney on they got a alcohol served ago the truth about erroneous be Brian I like Bobby Brian that's my man by brown be having fun anything I have a Soul Train line with his damn self Dibble I like Bobby came up with that move no that's what I like cause that's shit right there what's the eighties lead singer move nigga when you was in the 80s in the group you couldn t be the lead singer you ain't know how to knit mister telephone man there's something wrong don't nobody even do that no mo man why don't know kids don't


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