Cedric the Entertainer: Donald Trump's tan looks like Cheetos

TV yup in the upcoming and final season of his hit show soul man his character Reverend voice is running for mayor so how does he feel about the presidential election going on right now and is he studying for his own part actor and comedian Cedric the Entertainer is here welcome Cedric good morning rickety politician politician I am actually uh and uh you know spoiler alert I think I might win what are you learning about this political process that's playing into your script oh that you just you can say anything you know I think it's fun now I mean it's like you know like regular politics are out the window like you know nobody wants to kind of see people talk regular politics you just make up stuff like I you know I want to see like Donald Trump debate the last seasons of Empire I think that'd be like no I just know he's gonna make Empire great again that's all I know it's like getting office guys I'm gonna make Empire great again giving you the most material Oh between Trump and Bernie Sanders you know I think but but Trump always you know he's just I don't know what's going on with the tan you know it's like the Cheetos like it's like you know when you that orange that you get on you I think it's kind of Hispanic of them all are you sure it's not Ruben steam what about Hillary Clinton yeah he comes from old you know yes oh yeah she's why yes she's old school politician you know I think she wants to win just a spike bill under her desk gives you Snowden we don't what season soon 1998 is still not ready yeah about those cigars bill


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