CATS Can Still Win This Oscar (Trailer Response)

good evening that's the Oscar expert here with brother bro and we're saying could talk be about the trailer for cats which I'm sure you all have strong opinions on by now that is our cat I hope you have a strong opinion on him I'm hopefully a positive one all negative cat comments will be deleted we're gonna this trailer we got eighty five thousand likes and 211,000 dislikes things are not gonna rage you know really great to break 50% of dislikes generally the reaction has been this is what I see when I loose a dream this is what I see when I have night terrors this is uncanny valley you know we just have the Lion King their criticisms of that it's way into the year of uncanny valley let us know in the comments below this movie is directed by Tom Hooper all right oscar-winning director for the King's Speech lamia's big nominee movie Danish girl also still an oscar-winning movie I'm still not gonna say that it's totally out of the conversation but I will say like how the can this movie overcome what just happened to after the trailer released I honestly do not think it can best case scenario this is like ghostbusters where everybody hated it online and the critics were like you know what it's not that bad and then nobody cared cuz they were like we already made up our minds on this movie we hate it you can go down Twitter all day and see people talking to how terrifying the cats are cast aside perhaps the movies like visually stunning like dare I say it dare I say it dare you just like the video for me saying don't you agree you agree with me that I would agree like from the cinematography in art direction I think it is kind of visually stunning movie I mean all of his films have really good camera work let's be totally honest about that and he brings something unique to all his films so you know there's something to be said about that before eyes sawed like the vitriol directed towards the CGI abominations I thought okay weird uncanny valley with my first reaction but as I started watching I was like I didn't care that much I thought the fur looked good like in that it doesn't look fake would it have been better if they did like what they were at they did cat costumes I don't know well that's I think like the whole question is though like sure they have made the movie I'm not here to answer that I only care if this movie is good my personal opinion is that the cats don't really bother me that much like they do and they don't like if I see the movie I will get over it I can get past that in my head I'm not gonna be hung up on it the whole time it's not like Sonic the Hedgehog's t I mean I guess they have like human noses the Kitty titties a little weird especially rub the rebel Wilson like cat something there's something odd about yeah the dancing really looks like a person in like a in like a morph suit it's kind of a goofy project to begin with that almost in a way like embraced how freakin goofy it was they weren't going for these people being like real cats they made the art direction in the set pieces four times as big as a human being so I think they really like Dobin for it and they kind of went for that like weird factor weird is not always bad maybe this is a really weird like creepy a campy movie or so I don't know I expected when I watched this trailer to think like that it would be weird for that yeah I was like okay it will be distracting if this movie really wants to be taken seriously as a drama to have people in cat suits like what I think really worked with it was that every shot in his entire trailer the cinematography the production is I everything was so extravagant that like it's sort of made sense like if the cats yeah we're like this and the environments it was so it was normal it's like West Side Story with these cats oh there aren't many ways that you could have done it that could be better I mean this project maybe is a failure from the start maybe it will end a failure maybe this movie will go down as some weird thing I do think that it kind of takes it out for Oscar possibilities I think so how are we nominating this movie for Best Picture when we can't get over the fact that the cats just look weird I don't know if it can overcome this however like I could see this movie winning production oh absolutely I think it's look at that I just don't see an acting in there unless like it gets picture which I also don't see like if it gets picture maybe some actor will be like a Supporting Actress even if you do like a Han Hathaway thing you're still at you a cat you're so meowing it just I don't think it like gets you there visual effects though because I mean it's a big-budget movie motion capture work I mean but then again that's where the controversy is like is this bad CGI versus good CGI cringy CGI but also well-done cgi like is that but even so Luther would have on black panther as might've a contender that movie was there was controversy over the visual effects and this movie already has that I think this movie is probably like really good CGI but it's like good use of CGI that's just some debate that people gonna have what do you think make sinkhole I mean that mixing only really happens when the musical is like a hit like a big hit like contender and they already did the same thing with lame is like with the live saying I'm sure he's doing it again you know it's fun the Golden Globes will probably might be this they will nominee that's yeah bill nominated even if it sucks you think they will go for it they will come all over those cat suits they'll have a secret Hollywood cat CGI suit orgy and that's what will get the voters intrigued at the hfp a I'm sorry that you're disappointed that I didn't rant more about this movie I didn't just go oh my god what kind of creature is that it's disgusting like and I wasn't repulsed by it I understand those reactions but I I just don't care that much because I am kind of into the quirkiness of it oh my if something's like goofy is to be quite honest people were comparing this movie to cat in a hat I watched cat half like a few years ago and I was like I don't hate this like this is like a goofy kids movie like what do I have to criticize it's like it's too goofy it's like to my kids movie like no it is what it is I don't oh yeah the cat CGI is not gonna stop me from liking the movie if it's a good movie a good movie around it my prediction though is whether critics will like it I feel like it will be I think kind of middle-of-the-road some people will think it's like really fun and like rich family movie and is it a rich family movie because a lot of the time it's like very dramatic and it's like no no no no no they had that was goofy it was goofy sometimes like oh she literally put up her giant fork and a knife at a giant table I know but what if the tones like totally off cuz there's gonna be like some Anne Hathaway like slobbery like snotty and someone sing a solo piece it was like it's an impressionist I'm goofy like what's the airbrush it would be interesting if this movie just actually sucked and we were we were wrong to give you the benefit of the doubt can you make a funny cat noise good one


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