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Cassie, sinubukan pigilan ang plano ni Trina kay Marga | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

She still wants to
get back at Marga, even after you
reasoned with her? Trina really is a war freak. She isn’t, Mikoy. I have a feeling she’s
hiding something. That’s why she’s
acting this way. What do you mean? There’s a deeper reason why she refuses to
tell the truth. Why she doesn’t want to
say whose baby that is. Maybe it really is hers. It doesn’t matter.
I still want to help her. How? Let’s follow her. Cassie! What? My feet are killing me. How much longer
until we get there? I’m not sure.
But I saw her go that way. She really is something. Imagine, she walks all the
way from here to Maxwell. – I don’t think I could do that.
– Let’s just go. Mikoy… – You smell really nice.
– Who’s that? – Is that–
– The baby in the picture? That means the
rumors are true. Mikoy, we aren’t sure yet. So, who’s the kid
she’s carrying then? Cassie? Mikoy? What are you doing here? Trina… Are you guys spying on me? What are you doing here?
Did you follow me home?! Isn’t it obvious? Cassie wants to help you. But how can we do that
if the rumors are true? She’s not my child. Then who are these kids? Ate, let’s eat. I’m starving.. Hold on. I just need
to finish up here. Here. You can have my snack. Thank you. Hey, share that
with your siblings. Thank you, Cassie. These are all your siblings? Even this child
I’m carrying. You should’ve told
Marga right away. It’s not as easy as you think. Trina, we’re here to
help you clear your name, but we can’t do that if you won’t make us
understand your situation. We’re orphans now, Cassie. Our parents abandoned us. And if my siblings get involved
in my problem at school and the authorities find out
about our situation, they’ll take my siblings
away from me. So please, Cassie. Stay out of this. I don’t want to lose
my siblings, too. I feel sorry for Trina. You really can’t judge a person
by their appearance. She may look strong, but she’s
got a lot of problems, too. That’s why I want to help her. Isn’t that Trina? Later, during lunch, we’ll make Marga regret
ever crossing us. You go ahead.
I’ll join you later. Bye. Trina. Whatever it is you’re planning,
please, don’t do it. I thought I already told you not to interfere in
my fight with Marga. And I thought you wanted to
take care of your siblings By hurting Marga, you’re just
looking for a reason for your siblings to be
taken away from you. A lot of people will
help me get back at her, so she can’t blame me alone. Trust me, she’ll focus on you.
You don’t know her. And she doesn’t know me. She crossed the wrong
person, Cassie. I’ll make her pay.


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