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Cassie, binalaan si Marga sa nangyaring aksidente sa kanyang ina | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Lady Luck must really
like me today. Am I in heaven already?
Because I just saw an angel. What? You’re saying
nonsense again. What are you doing here? Miss Myrna wanted
you to have this. It’s delicious.
I know because I tried it. I don’t need food. You better go before
Mommy sees you. But this is for her too. I heard about what
happened to her. How is she? She’s getting better. You’re going to
school now, right? Let’s go together. No way! That would make my
situation too obvious. I’m trying to keep it
a secret from anyone, and you’re not helping. What’s wrong with that? Going to school together
won’t give away your secret. You can’t make me. Let’s go. I said I don’t want to. You better keep
your mouth shut about what’s happening
to my family. You don’t know anything and
you won’t tell anyone, okay? Yes, Ma’am. Here. Just bring that inside.
I’m going to school. Hey! Marga. What? How is Ate doing? Why do you care? What happened to Mama
wasn’t an accident. So? What are you implying? Are you blaming that
on us again? I just thought
I should tell you. That’s not what
it sounds like. You’re accusing us. Just because your mom
got into an accident doesn’t mean that
Mommy’s behind that. Why are you blaming all of
your misfortunes on us? Why are you so defensive? You’re just making yourself
look more suspicious. Are you really
looking for a fight? Actually, I’m not. But if you want to, why not? Sure, you’re free to try. Why don’t you start it? Are you scared of me? Stop it, Marga.
I won’t fall for your traps. You’re just mad because
we’ve taken everything back. Shut up. You didn’t take it back,
you stole it from us. And that’s exactly why I’m
asking how Ate Daniela is. Because I know you
both think alike. You’ll do anything
to get your revenge. So thank you. Everything’s clear to me now. Now I have every reason
to suspect Ate Daniela. How dare you barge
into my home?! What do you want?! Mrs. Mondragon, let us
question Mrs. Bartolome. Of course. Mrs. Bartolome, where were
you yesterday afternoon, during the time when
Mrs. Mondragon’s car crashed? I was with my friend, Savannah.
We were just having coffee.


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