Carrie Fisher Salutes Harrison Ford at the AFI Life Achievement Award

ladies and gentlemen please welcome Miss Carrie Fisher hi my name is Carrie and I'm an alcoholic Oh oh sorry wrong group well actually maybe not ah whenever I start to talk Harrison gets nervous and you really should stop getting so nervous because it turns out I have a terrible memory which should relax a lot of people in this room when I first saw Harrison on the set of Star Wars uh he struck me as I don't know epic in a way he had that icon energy he had that Tracy Bogart thing I was 19 and he was 63 but but he looked 33 or under on well I became completely infatuated with him it was like a high-school crush which was weird for a dropout but I became obsessed with Harrison long before it became fashionable I was a real trendsetter in that sense I started a craze but the guy is not just a pretty face he majored in philosophy in college and he would quote philosophers and interviews with this film you have to take a giant leap of faith I was totally dazzled I wanted to quote philosophers in my interviews so when I got back home I started getting tutored in philosophy I think Nietzsche had Harrison in mind when he said Steel II knocked heilige nah polish left well maybe not all Asia left but the stilling knocked absolutely definitely you may not know this but Harrison hated love scenes well actually I think you just hated them with me I thought we were much better arguers


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