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Carolyn Malachi (Nominee) Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey it’s Shira Lazar coming to you backstage at
the Grammys,brought to you by Turbo Tax with Carolyn Malachi.How’s it going? Incredible, how are you? Good. You’re a sweetheart,
I must say, she’s awesome. Thank you. And you were nominated for best urban alternative performer. Yes. Which is amazing. Yeah, it’s a huge honor. And of course, your grandfather, The apple does not fall far from the tree in this circumstance. Right, my great grandfather set
really good standards for the Malachi family in DC and it feels really good now to be
able to talk about him and sort of bring his legacy to the light. He did some really excellent things. I feel very proud to be walking in that legacy. What does he think of you doing all of this? Well
you know, he passed when I was a kid. A very young kid. Oh I’m sorry. No, but he lives. He definitely lives and the one thing he would say about me as a toddler,
he used to tell my dad, hey that girl will wobble some times but she will never fall. She’s got great balance. I carry that with me as things continue to grow and
they get crazy. I keep that idea of balance and I just keep that with me. It means so
much. Well you’ve been through so much. You know I was reading about you obviously and everything concerning Smart Chicks, which is so cool, it seems. Yeah. So, you wanna tell people about that? Sure Smart Chicks is a network that I started to develop
visibility and leadership opportunities for women in the arts. We brunch monthly to do that. That’s
our strategy. Very cool. Easy and simple. You’re doing that while you’re performing? Yep. While you’re working on your albums? While I’m working a nine to five as well. So yeah, you continue hustlin’. That’s what it’s about. Yes, that’s a great word. I
use that word a lot. I hustle, hey. [laughter] How did your experience you know, help you in terms of creating this album
and getting you to where you’re at today? Well you know, it made we want to succeed even more. There’s something that my great grandmother used to say. She used to say, keep pluggin’ away and that’s what I do every day. You
wake up, put the pedal to the metal. Oprah said, whatever you wake up and think about. Whatever’s the
first thing on your mind, that’s who you are. I wake up thinking about music. I wake up thinking about success. Peace for my family. Peace for the world and that’s what
I want. That’s what I’m going to go after. So how would you describe your sound on this album? It’s probably the ideal ipod. Probably, it’s a mix of everything I’ve listened to and absorbed my entire life It’s a great musical experience and one that
I continue to hope to work on with my producer and brother James Mckinney. We’re going to continue to make great musical experiences for people. I was going to say, what is next after
this? I’m working on my full length project. That’s exciting. Yeah very exciting. My writing is getting very bold. I’m definitely feeling myself right now. Yeah and I’m just going to get rid of any
boundaries that I had. I’m going to write. Just write truth, write power. No cap. No cap on anything. No cap. No cap and I’m shaking the soda bottle. Shaking the soda bottle. That’s a new analogy for me. Yeah I like that. It just you know, [laughter] Are you excited to be here at the Grammys though? Is it crazy? Yeah. Yeah I’m really excited. It’s been a journey. It’s been a journey and we’ve worked very hard. It’s really great when hard work pays off. I agree. That’s definitely how I see it.
So work hard. Hard work pays off. Who has guided you through your career? Do you
have that one person you’ve gone to? Yeah it’s definitely my producer and big brother James Mckinney. He’s guided me through my career just like
Turbo Tax guides you through your taxes. There you go. We like that. [laughter] We have the connection. Definitely. And what’s the one thing you’d want to deduct? You could deduct anything. Lord, travel. Travel. Traveling the worlds the best. Yeah it is fun. Shout outs to South Africa. Love you guys. I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa twice in 2010. That was incredible. What a neat opportunity. Yeah. Alright well thank you so much. Thank you. You’re
so sweet and incredible. Thank you very much. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you to every deduction and credit you deserve.

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