Carmelo Anthony Slams Cheating Rumors: "That Ain't Cool" | E! News

speaking of dispelling rumors so Carmelo Anthony wasted no time responding to paparazzi photos of him on vacation on a yacht with a mystery woman now due to privacy laws on about maritime privacy laws we aren't showing you the pic but Carmelo so he's seen I guess like sunbathe a while not I guess I've seen the photo sunbathing with a woman who is not his wife flawless so the pic surfaced on several sites a day after a Lala's birthday that's also just to explain the context she's on her own chair he's on his own chair they're not touching in any way there was another photo where he was just standing behind her while she was laying out they just he was looking at his phone they weren't even like looking at each other yes so in a video message that since been deleted Anthony said that the other woman was actually on the yacht with her husband and that they were all on a business retreat it's not some sort of sorted Seaborn liaison saying I'm really only addressing this for my family keep my family out of this man y'all trying to expose somebody's wife y'all exposing somebody's kids leave that alone leave that alone man that ain't cool so further complicating this is on Instagram while I posted a photo of a bleeding heart being stabbed and then she had a no caption but had since deleted it do you guys believe him I do believe him he's had a history he's had his oh and and obviously that was the woman who claims that he may fathered her daughter right Mia Burke's mother of Carmelo's two-year-old daughter Genesis who he reportedly said during a break from his wife I do believe him and you know I think that if you have had if there have been rumors about you in the past it's a little bit of a problem because people are saying if if you were made trip-hop right but I also think that if you have been publicly called out for stuff like this and and you're taking your new your relationship and and the form that your relationships are now seriously then it would be highly offensive if you're trying and working really hard right at it and and working really hard at his marriage so I a hundred percent believe him back in the day when we dissected paparazzi photos on this show more frequently I we just haven't done that in a long time but one of the things that we used to talk about was like how simple it is to construct a narrative based on a well cropped photo is such a stretch to me she's a very beautiful woman whoever this woman is and the the angle is like not to get too graphic it's like it shows her but her butt looks really nice so it's like you can make it like a sexualized thing but it's not it's literally a woman in a bathing suit because she's on a yacht yeah and laying out and getting some Sun and so it's like you have to really try hard to kind of sexualize this and and make this about something because you don't see any of the other people on there you can assume that they are alone right perspective that the photo at least the one that I saw makes it look like they're closer than they may actually be because it's it's kind of from a distance and it all looks like it's from a little bit of a lower angle like slightly below the horizon but and it's saying if that para paparazzi was stalking them long enough you know they probably would have noticed other people on the boat but they would rather sell a narrative


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