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and the Grammy goes to supernatural the Grammy Awards on februari 23rd 2000 have been dubbed the Carlos Santana show to live is to dream to die is to awaken please don’t wake me up santana santana santana you believe this Santana thank you so much the Latin guitar legend captured eight awards including record and album of the year tying Michael Jackson’s 1984 record for most Grammys in a single night this is a true fact he had to hire a u-haul to take home the Grammys it’s extraordinarily rare that someone takes on that many awards this Santana also took the stage with Rob Thomas treating TV viewers to an electrifying performance of their number one single smooth his career was being honored and it wasn’t just for this album it was for all the years of work and all the amazing songs that he created our Santana held class that night he taught every musician out there to key to success how are you feeling I feel very grateful a very honored you know it’s a it’s a deep joy to be of service to so many people you know with the this vehicle of music or else forget about you

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