Cardi B's Press Music Video's 7 Most INSANE Moments!

everyone jump in the boom she was sucking but not anymore cardi B just dropped her new music video for press and guys it'll leave you stunned shook with her jaw on the floor and we're counting down the 7 most jaw-dropping moments starting with this uh yeah the whole premise of this video is that cardi kills her lover who she just had a threesome with so there's that oh she's napping snap snap cardi in lingerie a diamond cigarette in mouth gun in hand well that's one way to get our attention cuz this crazy number six on our list cardi butt ass naked yep that's cardi topless with some strategic censoring to make sure that it's safe enough to not get banned from YouTube it was very difficult to you know make the private parts look pleasant and like cover them up in a good way next up cardies heads to court ensemble and like in real life she slays the fashion game we're talking white eyebrows a veil and lots of ruffles I want to thank my glam team for making me look nice with white eyebrows and why here cardi arrives to the fake murder trial with a posse of model looking lawyers rocking horn rimmed glasses wearing white the color of purity and innocence discussing we know what you got carnies the heck of the immanent not logical bank then lack of coming to time I was really specific about that I really wanted that look number four more nudity cardi joins a crew of dancers who are wearing literally nothing but their birthday suits press press press press press cardi don't need multi kill them all put them I really wanted the choreography scene for us we make it and then danta done more murder the lights go out in the courtroom and come back up to a bloody mess but some of you get creeped because of my street is anyone else seriously disturbed just me okay number two on our list cardi kills her cellmate with her bare hands in the toilet and I want to thank the whole directing scene for making the drowning part looks so dope I really wanted to draw somebody and the toilet and killed them cuz that's just such a terrible way to die and they made it happen and last but not least this visual of cardi in an orange jumpsuit the timing of her video is extra interesting giving that a day before it dropped cardi arrived in court in New York and was hit with felony charges in connection with an altercation at a strip club last August cardi pleaded not guilty after being indicted on 12 counts including two counts of felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious injury the other charges against cardi which range from harassment to criminal solicitation conspiracy and reckless endangerment are misdemeanors anyway back to the video you see God's sakes the internet couldn't get enough and the comment section lit up like a freaking Christmas tree with most fans addressing all that nudity one fan wrote producer how many naked people do you want in the video cardi yes another teased director who do you want to design your clothes cardi clothes and my personal favorite stylist what clothes do you want cardi leave it to cardi to have us talking nudity first thing in the morning gosh cardi thanks for that of course we'll be here to keep you up to date on all things cardi B so make sure to keep it locked right here on e tea until next time I'm Hallie Stevens Oh [Applause]


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