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Cardi B’s 2017 Grammy Picks

Hey, what’s poppin’ guys? It’s ya girl Cardi B and I’m with Genius and
we’re about to talk about the Grammys! To me, it has to be between Drake and Beyoncé.It kinda like spoke to me as a woman. And then Drake’s “Views,” was the the
thing that I wanted to hear in the club. So I’m just gonna go with Beyoncé because
I sang most of her songs. I’m just gonna go with Beyoncé. And she a female. Oh my God. This is so hard why am I playing this game? I don’t want to play his game no more. This is hard. I don’t like hard stuff. I mean I do like hard stuff… I mean like “Formation” just motivates me
to wanna work.It motivates me to want to work. It makes me want to feel like a diva. But then, I be emotional sometimes. I’m a light skin gangster. I
plead the fifth on this question. What’s good? I like the creativity in “Formation.” So I’m just gonna go with “Formation” because
who the fuck thought of saying, “When he fuck me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster?” Who thought of that? Who would think of saying some shit like that? That’s amazing. Like bitches used to act like they too
good to eat at Red Lobster, but it’s like bitch you ain’t that good. Jay Z and Beyoncé eat there. Who the fuck you think you is? I’m going to Red Lobster for that motherfucking
trio. What’s good? Let’s play a sex game or something. Because, this is ridiculous. I don’t wanna do stuff like this. I just like the Kanye West album because it’s
not what you would expect from a hip-hop artist. It’s like alright he’s rapping shit that hood
people can relate to, but then he’s doing this different type of music. And he makes a lot of old school songs. Damn, Kanye! There is a song that I like more than all,
but I do want the Grammys to be taken to the Bronx. So I’m gonna go with “All The Way Up” because
I want to Bronx to win. But, I really like “Famous.” I’m gonna go with Adele. I’m going to go with her. I don’t give a fuck. What’s up? I like that song tho (singing). But Demi is
not even confident, so we’re gonna go with Adele because Adele is super confident. She don’t give a fuck. That bitch be like, “So what? I’m a big bitch, but I’m pretty. What’s good? And I can sing. Fuck yeah.”


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