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cardi B has found herself in the headlines once again what she normally likes to be she was crowned songwriter of the year at the ASCAP Awards only to find out the following day she was in it over the stripclub drama wait what what up everybody welcome to Indy playground where we play hard with no regard you see the title so you already know we have a lot to talk about but before we dive in if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell also be sure to like you share this video and now that we have that out of the way without any further ado let's get to it ok guys so first things first let's talk about car D being crowned first female rapper to receive songwriter of the year at the 34th annual ASCAP rhythm in Soul Music Awards now I know billboards compiled a list as well of their top 10 songwriters for 2018 and it had the likes of 6-9 cardi B Drake offset and honestly I thought it was a joke or someone was pulling a prank because let's be honest cardi has pretty much stated after being called out by people to not writing her own Rea seem like Oh hip hop is about writing no hip hop is about living your living that life because when you were a little girl these little girls don't know if people write their music or not these little boys don't give a fuck about a business right they musica but I'm not hip-hop is about living what you talk about she's admitted to having writers and stated that as long as the song made her money she was good right then of course after billboards came up with that list she did as she normally does she crawfish and changed the story she claims she only has ghost riders to do her hooks but some of us remember when that reference track a partisan Fontaine surfaced of that be careful song that he had written a year prior you guys remember that well cardi used that very same track on her invasion of privacy album what's a few minor tweaks of course and if we're going to take it a step farther partisan Fontaine or Jordin Thorpe which is his legal name is listed on every song on cardies beans invasion of privacy Apple I'm just singing cardi can be heard on several different occasions basically just being nonchalant when it came to you know her ghost writers almost find a comical well no I do find it comical that she is now receiving awards for songwriter of the year well she's pretty much old to not writing cardi even addressed a critic that called her out about her ghostwriter and once again she did not deny it but instead she knowledge that she and her ghostwriter which is partisan were achieving some things let's be honest it's no secret that many singers have songwriters but when it comes to the genre of hip-hop that's something totally different yep in-game is supposed to be up to par and for those who are just looking for a pop and not writing their own music is frowned upon in the genre of hip-hop those who are not writing their own lyrics and have ghost writers it belittles those who take their ping game seriously because they are putting in the necessary work I strongly believe there's a reason that these awards are being handed to cardi for songwriter of the year perhaps they knew something we didn't know maybe they knew something was coming down the pipeline for her and wanted to give her those achievements that other females have not yet acquired brings me to the next part of my commentary now the following day after receiving her songwriter award TMZ broke the news that cardi was in the grand jury charges pertaining to the strip club drama you remember Jane and bad eg claimed they were injured doing that drama when cardies people begin throwing bottles and chairs right the grant went ahead and bit cardi on 14 charges including two counts of filth you can see a list of everything that is now pity for cardi on the screen have a look now I don't know if you guys remember but cardi was initially facing just to mr. Hardy was presented with a deal in which she rejected now TMZ was told by my sources that they decided to take the matter took 3 because of information they discovered during the invitation oh my now this is not looking good for cardi because she is now possibly facing this is all very crazy and it makes you wonder what new info could they have stumbled upon right well I guess cardi had not yet received the word about the impact because she took to her social media on Instagram and went in on Harvey of TMZ it was a lot as usual when coming from cardi I guess she thought they were singling her out and the story was fake or something so she held nothing back so guys I'm going to read some of this but some of it you just have to read along and just pause it on the screen because you all know that mouth of cardis has zero filter right now mind you I'm not going to read all of this so I'm gonna gloss over some of it because it's just some of the things she said okay she said Harvey Yuriko fate 10b you don't profit on talking about white celebrities so you go out your way to report on people in the urban culture and even make it up it's crazy how two months ago my publicist had to go out of her way to prove you guys that I had surgery because you insisted that I was pregnant and he was going to report it because the reliable source claimed to tell you I never did J time I don't have nothing but they want to drag this case because they want Fame and they want press waste people tax money on BS all right guys look you can read the rest of this post go ahead I'll give you a few seconds and I'll come back with the rest of my commentary ooh all right so as you can see as I said it was the lunch when Carly put up this post I'm guessing she had not got the word on the curve that she had been but soon after she put up this post I guess she realized that it was true when all of the larger news outlets started to report on it because she deleted that post it was a little too late because people took that screenshot of that post honey with the damn quickness I know when it comes to our actions in life you know we all must be held accountable and I guess this is a form of accountability for party and what took place at that strip club or maybe it's just time for her to pay her real dues because you know when it deals with the industry they always come to collect is one of those three doors they're going to collect any Hill I want to know what you guys think about cardi winning female rapper songwriter of the year after pretty much admitting that she has ghost writers also what do you think about that in depth what info could they have possibly discovered that made them upgrade those misters let me know what you think about cardi going in on Harvey and Tim Z well guys I'm about done with this little bit be sure to like and share this video also if you're new to the channel don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bail until next time it's your girl Indy later

  • Hey guys, my apologies for some of the words being edited out, but unfortunately, I had to in order for my video to be suitable for monetization…smh!!. Anywho, let me know what you guys think about Cardi and her songwriter award…her upgraded charges and her going in on Harvey at TMZ. Thanks for watching!! Much love💚

  • A victim she drugged and rob probably came foward as well. Her 15 minutes need to hurry up and end just like 69.

  • At least she admitted it Nicki still LYING and NOT even coming forth plus there's a Loooot of Rappers who were lying from the get go

  • Everybody knows Cardi didn’t write her music so it’s like they are spitting in our faces. As for the charges well Cardi needs to understand how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot. People are getting fed up

  • Anybody saying Cardi writes has gone off the deep end. The industry is a joke. Love this video. Keep up the good work

  • Over the strip club drama🤔but she bought to be in a movie coming up playing a stripper name diamond 🤷🏾‍♀️am I right👍🏽

  • Absolutely GREAT video but Cardi did not deserve no damn songwriter of the year. Wtf did she write? It was not any rap lyrics Totally bullsh!t

  • in the message that she sent cussing out Harvey from the TMZ outlet she never claimed herself as black she said urban community this is why I laugh when people get on here and say she's black she's black no sweetheart she's not black she's a mestizo Mexican or Hispanic whatever you want to call her and she knows that she's never called herself black and never will now does she have black ancestry she might I don't know but what I do know is that she's not black she's not more than 20% black

  • I don't know how she was given songwriter of the year she hasn't wrote s*** but whatever people stay given non black people s***they don't deserve and whatever happens I meant to say whatever the outcome is of these fourteen charges or whatever that's between her and God she made her bed she got to lie in it I don't wish bad on anybody because I'm not that kind of person but she needs to get her life together

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