Cardi B Is Ready to Drop $400K on Culture's 1st B-Day Party | E! News

we also caught up with offset last night as group migos arrived they were out as they normally do wearing matching outfits themed outfits they also performed and took home top honors for best group but we wanted to know was how he's prepping for culture's upcoming first birthday party take a look of course man day-to-day planning planning for it right now you know I'm saying so first one it's my wife's first child so we got to go big with it you know how I go let's go do you see any big ideas it's just gonna be beautiful man it's gonna be nice and fun very kid-friendly kid very friendly cardi B recently told her Instagram Fez that she has every intention of going all-out for the party she revealed that she would most probably spend around $400,000 on the Lord I mean we were talking about this a little bit earlier it's it's like that's a lot of money that's a lot of money yeah but if you've got a certain amount of money it's not that it's not as much we're saying proportionate percentage its relative what percentage of your income is worth a birthday party I mean a first birthday a very small percentage small participating like point zero zero and nine percent that's insane you guys that's four hundred thousand dollars is insane I just I mean I can't fathom spending that much money like I don't know but if maybe if I had like if I had a hundred million dollars I'd be like diamond necklace the pictures of that that cardi that they're buying for culture is kind of disgusting and honestly I do too sorry I'm not being a goody two-shoes I swear but just give that money to charity it's ridiculous so the necklace has four characters so it's like like like peep there are people who are so like obscenely and you know you know fantastically obscenely absurdly almost offensively wealthy yeah who like $400,000 for a party is like not even like on the high end so give it right spend a hundred thousand give 300,000 you're asking for like a whole group of people to just change their mindset it's just it's kind of agree with you dollars for afternoon that a child isn't going to remember well the first birthday parties aren't really for the kids it's for the adults it's all about ego oh it's just fine nice here's the thing everybody says know it you guys we're all we all agree that's ridiculous okay I don't think there's anybody that's gonna go on our comedy million-dollar I would spend $400,000 on a party be a fun party yeah I don't know that much money but anything less than that I'd be like this is too sizable a portion of our income I'm certainly not gonna do it like Jackie was like you know what are you gonna spend how much money would you spend on your kids first birthday party I was like I mean not that much not you know not even like in triple digits 4-digit she says other stars do it so why can't hardly do it and you're right when we look at Kardashian children for example and how much their birthday parties cost but it's just me personally I maybe I'm tight like I just think it's too much money for a kid's buttock look we don't and we don't know how much she gives to charity maybe she gives four million to charity every year for all we know yeah and so she wants to throw her daughter $400,000 birthday party by goodness you just do that people do what I don't want to do that if you got it you do it only for for

  • I don't see anything wrong with spending her money for her child
    what you would spend is also insane for someone else so let her live her life she made that money on her own your opinions won't change anything…

  • Charity. Girl it’s her money. She can do why she want. Stop hating. Just because she don’t talk about it don’t mean she don’t do charity stuff

  • How are you going to tell someone how much ti spend on their kid. And I am pretty sure the amount of money you spend on your kids birthday is a lot for someone else😂😂

  • You guys are the leaders of entertainment news and you’re spelling Cardi B’s daughter name WRONG? It’s Kulture, not Culture..

  • Black people come form royalty that’s why we are extra and white people will just never understand

  • What a fool… another one to go bankrupt soon. Can nobody control there spending and save nowadays?!

  • Cardi B I love your songs so much!!! Every day I turn on my Bluetooth to listen to your songs!! You killed it Cardi!!

  • haha I see how uncomfortable you guys are discussing the subject… I'm guessing you don't want to get into any trouble cos people are very sensitive these days… but hey! maybe a little diversity on the panel can help… also Im black and I think its unwise spending all that money on a bday instead of investing etc we don't see the richest people in the world like the Besos and the `zuckerbergs and Gates etc spending all that on a bday… but also I've learnt not to judge people cos I see its a "cultural thing" with African Americans esp rappers, hiphop artists and celebs in general do this… whatever makes you happy especially if you can afford it… enjoy your life!

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